StrApple by E-Lite

StrApple by E-lite – Flavor Review

I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for StrApple by E-Lite. Said opinion is mine and mine alone as taste is subjective. Because of that reason I do not rate flavors on a scale but rather remark on the taste and quality so the readers can reach their own decision on whether they want to purchase the flavor or not. As always read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

StrApple by E-lite Review

StrApple by E-Lite
Strawberry and Green Apple with a whole lot of sweet menthol


Initial Thoughts and Impressions

My first experience with Malaysia and Vaping is when I had just started off with vaping and watched a lot of youtube videos to figure out what the good flavors were and to gain more knowledge on vaping. Those days the big names in Pakistan were Dekang and Hangsen so naturally I looked for reviews of their flavors online and stumbled upon a guy in Malaysia doing reviews of the same. He was complaining about the abundance of counterfeit ejuice in Malaysia and I was left laughing and impressed because here in Pakistan we didn’t have access to a lot of brands and there in Malaysia they had so many brands that their counterfeits were flooding the market, LOL.

Anyway, I love menthol and because of my fondness for Thug Juice it is no secret. Hence, when E-lite offered me some to sample I was genuinely curious of how StrApple by E-Lite would taste. My first experience of it was on the AIO and I have to admit, the flavor was very fruity. I even ended up buying a bottle in zero nicotine for the wife who, as many in PVC know, is now the owner of the AIO that was previously mine.

A member of the Pakistan Vaping Community on Facebook brought to my attention that Malaysian flavors use Koolada and a lot of it instead of menthol. What is Koolada? Well koolada is a flavoring that gives you that cold feeling at the back of your throat. It is not exactly menthol but similar in nature and can be used alongside menthol in a flavor plus it has no taste So, there you have it, this flavor packs a koolada punch and we see how below.

 Testing setups

*StrApple by E-Lite – 30Pg/70Vg blend at 3mg and 0mg nicotine*

*HohmWrecker with Haze Mini (RDA) 0.24 ohm Clapton coils*

*Joyetech AIO with 0.6ohm and o.5ohm coil heads*

StrApple by E-Lite
AIO full of Fruity Koolada

                      Lower watts                     

StrApple by E-Lite is a flavor that truly shines at a low wattage. It is very fruity and the strawberry and apple comes through very very nicely. The koolada/menthol is a Godsend especially in this horrible Karachi heat. To be honest any koolada/menthol flavor would hit the spot nicely but the reasons this flavor is unique is because you feel the juiciness in each inhale before the koolada/menthol takes your breath away. I have many fruit based menthol flavors and none of them actually carry with them a raw sort of fruitiness that makes you feel like you just took a big juicy bite of said fruit.

 Higher watts

Ok, I would not recommend subohming this flavor on high watts and especially on a cloud chasing dripper. The koolada/menthol is so strong that I got a headache from that blast of koolada/menthol. I tried going MTL after that and the vape there was fine which leads me to believe that this flavor is good on low watts and MTL but on a high wattage lung hitting cloud chasing atty it will not be a pleasant experience at all.


*30ml for 2200 PKR from E-Lite*

(Use ‘TPV20‘ for 20% off on all flavors available at E-Lite)


While vaping the flavor in the AIO I had a lot of people request to try the setup and even though they were not vapers they just fell in love with this flavor. The AIO was the only way I could enjoy the flavor due to my regular subohm setup being a very low ohm and high watt game. I ended up buying the wife a new bottle as the old one was used up in the process of the review and because I let a lot of people at work try it. One thing that I did find odd was that the flavor claims to be 70VG but the viscosity is more akin to a higher PG level. I have vaped 50/50 and max VG and even pure VG and let me tell you that high VG stuff is thick and slow to wick unlike this flavor. If we consider this flavor to actually be high PG then the high flavor and menthol is understandable as PG carries with it more flavor. Ill end with this: The flavor is a very juicy combo of strawberry and apple which is easily felt in a mouth to lung setup or any low ohm setup. If you use those then you will enjoy this, anything high enough to count as a cloud chasing setup will give you brain freeze (it will also prevent you from tasting anything other than koolada which is flavorless so you basically just end up with the feeling like your throat is frozen and a brainfreeze effect) unless you have a preference for high menthol hits. Before I go I will leave with this, Malaysian liquids are the exception when it comes to usage of food coloring in their flavors. If you are hesitant to vape any liquid with food coloring then stay away from StrApple by E-Lite.

Note: Due to the high sweetness of this flavor it will gunk up your coils really fast just like other sweet dark colored liquids.



  1. I’ve tried this flavor it’s really good but your review was totally spot on in every aspect. 10/10 on review

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