StraBlack by E-lite – Flavor Review

I received StraBlack from E-Lite for the purpose of this review. I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion on StraBlack by E-Lite. Said opinion is mine and mine alone as taste is subjective. Because of that reason I do not rate flavors on a scale but rather remark on the taste and quality so the readers can reach their own decision on whether they want to purchase the flavor or not. As always read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

StraBlack by E-lite Review

StraBlack by E-Lite

Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Its time to review the other Malaysian flavor offering by E-Lite. The flavor profile for StraBlack is Strawberry, Blackcurrant, menthol aaaaaannnddddd koolada. Yes, the Malaysians sure do love adding koolada in every flavor and it is always strong. What is Koolada? Well koolada is a flavoring that gives you that cold feeling at the back of your throat. It is not exactly menthol but similar in nature and can be used alongside menthol in a flavor plus it has no taste.

Anyway, off goes the cap and immediately the smell of blackcurrant wafts out. I take a whiff and feel there is slight smell of strawberries hidden underneath all the blackcurrant. I feel this is going to mimic the experience I had with StrApple i.e. high juiciness and uber high koolada/menthol.

 Testing setups

Uniform glow, baby!
Fresh Rayon Wicks

*StraBlack – 30Pg/70Vg blend at 6mg nicotine*

*HohmWrecker with Haze Mini (RDA) 0.33ohms dual clapton coils with rayon wicks*

*MVP3 with the MT3 tank 2.4ohms 32g Single coil with a rayon wick*






Low Watts

Time to review!

I changed paces somewhat for this review after the StrApple ‘koolada headache’ experience and after seeing a friend of mine vaping StraBlack with gusto in his mtl (mouth to lung) setup. Sure I used Claptons this time around too but I changed the driptip (no more chuff cap) and partly closed off the airflow in the haze mini rda so the emphasis is more on flavor rather than clouds. Dialing down the ohms made it possible to take longer inhales with the dual clapton coils. I immediately get a predominant blackcurrant flavor but the strawberry manages to bleed through so its not a solitary affair. The koolada again is quite strong and if I chain vape this I end up with a severe cold throat effect that koolada is known for. In the mtl setup the affair is more enjoyable as everything is dialed down to a more enjoyable level. The flavor comes through nicely and the koolada/menthol adds a nice kick. I usually vape 3mg in my rdas as 6mg feels too harsh

The MVP3 powers the MT3 tank.
The MVP3 powers the MT3 tank.

but the high level of koolada/menthol has managed to smooth out and eradicate the nicotine kick. I did not experience it in any testing setup. I did notice something odd i.e. if I dial down the watts very low then all I get is koolada/menthol so I am guessing StraBlack is best experienced at a certain wattage and/or temp which you will have to experiment to reach unless you are using a mtl setup in which case vape on!


High watts

Needless to say I could only go high ohms in the haze mini setup as the MT3  was set up in such a way to give a pleasurable vape at 10 watts; any higher and I was looking at a burnt wick and probably the rubber gasket too. Anyway, just like StrApple I felt like my lungs took the ice bucket challenge and crapped out ice after taking a high watt hit with StraBlack. I’m guessing these Malaysian flavors aren’t meant to be used at high watts. Makes me think ‘Malaysian flavors only’ cloud comps must be a very different affair altogether.


*30ml for 2200 PKR from E-Lite*

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IMG_20160504_082952 IMG_20160504_082907

I do not like blackcurrant at all. I blame the fruit buns I had as a kid for my dislike of blackcurrant. The flavor smells and vapes nice at low ohms but blackcurrant isn’t for me. I know people who love it and that’s why I keep saying taste is subjective and your love of a flavor depends on the same. Give it a go, as it does accurately represent its flavor profile, if you don’t mind blackcurrants. Just remember that this is a sweet flavor so it will gunk up your coils faster. It is the same with every sweet and dark colored flavors (RY4, Im looking at you) around the world so don’t freak out when it happens. Also Malaysian people have a funny habit of using food coloring in their flavors and if you prefer not inhaling it then stay away.