Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor

Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor – Flavor Review

I was sent Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor for review purposes. I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion. Said opinion is mine and mine alone as taste is subjective. Because of that reason I do not rate flavors on a scale but rather remark on the taste and quality so the readers can reach their own decision on whether they want to purchase the flavor or not. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor

Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor


Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Artisan Vapor is one of the few vaping companies in Pakistan that has a plentiful variety of electronic cigarette flavors on offer. The variety extends from their ‘In-House’ reasonably priced line to the high end premium ‘select line’ flavors which means they hope to have something for everyone. Artisan also hold another honor in Pakistan as being one of only two vaping companies to have retail outlets across the country (namely in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi).

I have a bit of a soft spot for Strawberry & Cream flavors, heck my all day vape is a variation of strawberry milkshake, but my main complaint with that and the many variations out there is that most cannot get the taste just right, at least for me.

Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor does smell creamy but whats a little worrying in the lack of depth of the Strawberry aroma. Although it is unfair to base an opinion just from the smell alone (it does smell very nice) but I have been led astray by promises of many flavor descriptions. This is why I use two tanks to test flavors now i.e. a Rta with normal micro coils and a Rda with clapton coils, this is so any flavor hidden through can come through on one of these setups. For this review I decided to also bring the Moto Plus into play partlyy because I have been carrying that around with me and partly because I wanted to see how the Moto tank would handle the flavor with its single vertical coil.

 Testing setups

*Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor – 4 mg nicotine (ratio not mentioned but I’m guessing near 50/50)*

*HohmWrecker with Haze Mini (RDA) 3mm 0.44 ohm dual Clapton coils*

*Hohm Wrecker with the Crius RTA dual coils 0.3ohms*

*Moto Plus kit with a 0.5ohm vertical coil*

Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor

Lower watts                     

Lower watts don’t always bring out the flavor well enough but this category exists because some flavors taste best at lower watts. Congrats everyone, we have cream! Quite a nice cream flavoring too I might add. White Mist uses bavarian cream and I just cant stomach that weird after-taste it gives me. Thankfully that is not the case here and the cream is felt easily on all setups. The strawberry on the other hand is weak although I will give it props for not tasting artificial like some flavors. The sweetness is dialed low and only comes through with the strawberry after-taste which was to be expected since its cream not sweet cream flavoring.

Higher watts

Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor

No vape experience of mine is complete without testing a flavor at higher watts plus I am not a fan of weak strawberry, so, set the watts to high and lets take off. This is much better, the sweetness has increased and more strawberry is felt while the smoothness of cream still manages to come through. I am still underwhelmed by the strawberry flavoring as I expected a more stronger taste at higher watts. The strawberry is felt majorly on the exhale and it is similar to after-taste you get after downing strawberry flavored milk (not strawberry milkshake!). The flavor’s performance on the Crius RTA is disappointing as only a hint of strawberry came through while the Moto plus gave me more strawberry. Let this be a lesson to the new vapers; the flavor you get is largely dependent on the setup you use as well. Anyway, I wanted to go higher to see if the flavor held more in store and using the RDA (clapton power!) I did just that. Unfortunately at even higher watts the 4 mg nicotine hits more than expected and masks the strawberry completely.


*15 ml for 850 PKR from Artisan Vapor Pakistan*

*39 ml for 1800 PKR from Artisan Vapor Pakistan*

Final Thoughts on Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor

Well, lets recap. Strawberry & Cream by Artisan Vapor flavor’s profile is true to its name as it does have strawberry & cream but I am not impressed with the slightly low strawberry appearance. I did have a chance to vape this flavor at 8 mg nicotine as well on my MTL setup and the strength of strawberry was mild there as well. This again is my preference as I prefer a stronger strawberry taste in any variation of this flavor but you might prefer a milder tone. The best way to go about it is to go to the Artisan outlet and vape the tester available there and see if you prefer the milder strawberry tone. Thumbs up for the stellar cream though cause I cannot state enough my distaste for the Bavarian cream that whitemist uses in their ‘creme de la creme’ line. Lastly, Artisan has an odd nicotine strength system; where the world over liquids use nicotine strengths in multiples of threes like 0, 3, 6, 12, 18; Artisan does so in multiples of four (in their classic line) like 0, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 30. This shouldn’t be a problem for 3 mg vapers UNLESS 4 mg really hits you more but then again maybe 3 mg is too less for you and 6 mg too high in which case 4 mg might be a God send. I don’t mind 4 mg myself but I cant go very high watts because I get a slightly uncomfortable hit.

That’s it from me; please leave your comments below about how you found the flavor or if you liked my review.


  1. Agreed that strawberry is lighter than it should be. I also like more strawberry flavour in eliquids and this liquid is heavy on the creamy side. Cream remains there whether watts are high or low or even with tc. Still, it is one of the best flavours offered in the budget ‘Classic Line’. Agreed that the hardware also plays a major part. When I tested MBV’s Moo Juice in Delta2, it was kinda ok but when I tested it in a Goliath, there was a world of difference, a full cup of thick fresh cream with very distinct strawberry with a slight raw freshness. These notes were all muted in Delta2. I had a kanthal build on RBA in it back then. Agreed that high watts just hit you with nicotine. I even tried a 24mg but strawberry wasn’t there; only cream. Agreed that Artisan should replace these multiples of 4 with those of 3. At the moment 16 is low for me while on a clearo and 24 is high and I prefer 18mg.

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