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Moto Plus – Hardware Review

I received the Moto Plus at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of this review, therefore, it has no monetary value to me. This review is my opinion based on my experience with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final judgment on this product or its safety. As always with electronics and batteries please read the manual and google battery safety. Practice safe vaping. 

Moto Plus – Review


Alright people it is time for another review and this time its all about the Moto Plus kit by Vaportech. The Moto Plus is Vaportech’s reply to the ego one and iJust starter kits but unlike those kits it is only available at Artisan Vapor. Surprisingly the coils for the device are also only available at Artisan and while I refuse to believe that no one else sells these online, I will acknowledge the fact that it is much easier getting them off Artisan instead. Regardless of that lets start the review.

First Impressions

If I had to choose just one reason why the Moto plus is a step above the competition then that reason would be the stellar build quality. The moto plus has a ceramic coated stainless steel body that looks great especially when compared to the other popular pen style starter kits in the market. The kit is available in multiple colors (white, black, pink, blue, tiffany blue and lime green) and the review kit I have is white in color. Over the period that I used this kit (over a week) there wasn’t a time when I marvelled over how better this device looked over the Ego One, iJust and Ego AIO kits (having used/owned them all at one point). The response from co-workers and friends was the same because to them the looks of the device matters plus they have seen me with box mods most of the time and sleek they are not. It is funny because I have never cared much on how a device looks instead focusing on whether it performs great. The Moto plus certainly looks great but does it perform as good as it looks? Lets find out.


Lets get down to it. The battery capacity is the same as the iJust2 kit battery but 400 mah more than all the ego one starter kit batteries. The tank capacity matches only that of the Ego One Mega tanks and is 1.5 ml lower than the iJust 2 tank. There is no Temperature Control option but in my opinion you rarely need that in a starter kit although by now it is such a staple option that not having one will count as a con for many vapers. The coil options for a plain non-temperature control starter kit are great and it is nice to see the lowest limit (0.2 ohm) is 0.1 ohm below the lowest available coil (0.3ohm) on the market.

  • 2600mah battery capacity
  • 4 milliliters tank capacity
  • Coil options: 0.3 ohms, 0.5 ohms and 1.0 ohms
  • Power output 3.9V
  • Lowest resistance 0.2 ohms
  • Complete stainless steel body
  • Gold plated electrodes
  • Micro USB 1A charging port at the bottom
  • Ceramic coated color and silver vacuum plating
  • 22mm diameter x 144.5mm height (including drip tip)
  • Dual adjustable airflow.

The stainless steel body is nothing new as many mods sport the same BUT the ceramic coated color is a definite plus as it makes the device look so elegant despite its bulky size. The dual adjustable airflow has a nifty locking mechanism that enables the airflow adjustment to happen in clicks instead of freely being set which helps the setting stay in place when the device is in the pocket.


  • 1 x Moto Plus battery (unregulated)
  • 1 x Moto Plus Tank
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm coil
  • 1 x 0.3 ohm coil
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Product Warranty Card

Click on the thumbnails to see the full images.

Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus moto plusmoto plus coilmoto plus coilMoto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus moto plusMoto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus Moto Plus moto plus tank



One major qualm I have about the moto plus kit is the tank. It simply cannot wick high vg juice which can be a deal breaker for vapers that prefer high vg juice. I found out the hard way by filling up the tank with 90 vg juice (plus 2-3 drops directly on the coil) and giving it a few good inhales which ended up burning the coil. While the tank does perform well with 50/50 juice you should keep in mind that this tank should not be compared to the dual or even quad coil beasts that are on the market these days. It is a simple bottom vertical coil starter tank that does the job.

The heated tank and drip tip issue that gave many ego one and iJust owners burnt lips does is a non-issue in the moto plus due to the ceramic coated tank and drip tip. The battery life ended up surprising me because I am the sort of vaper that drains the 2 18650 batteries in hours let alone days yet I used the device over the span of a week or so and only had to charge the device twice despite using the device almost exclusively although the battery did drain a tad faster with the 0.3 ohm coil but that was to be expected. I was impressed with both coil heads even though the 0.3 ohm coil did heat up the vapor a bit too much for my liking. The 0.5 ohm one gave me a decent vape and is still going strong after 20ml and 7 days of vaping (sweet) juice.

The lack of a rebuildable option certainly did not make me a fan of the device as I prefer making my own coils but since this is a starter kit targeting new vapers who certainly wont be building coils anytime soon, I will let this pass. I tried a Kanger Subtank with the battery and it vaped fine so I think there is still some ‘jugar’ possible if one wants to rebuild their tank (plus it can fire down to 0.2 ohms) and use it with the battery but dual coil or even quad coil RTAs wont perform well on the battery.


+ Beautiful Build Quality

+ Lower Sub ohm option available (0.3 ohms)

+ Variety in colors

+ Airflow control stays fixed

+ Ceramic drip tip prevents heated drip tip issue

+ 2600 mAh battery

+ Easy to use


– No rebuildable option

– Button is so soft it fires easily in pockets unless locked

– No temperature control

– Tank cannot wick max VG (burnt the 0.3 coil trying this)

– Tank doesn’t perform as well as ego one tanks


Moto Plus kit – PKR 4,500

Coils (0.3/0.5) – 1 piece for PKR 250

             Coils (0.3/0.5) – 5 piece pack for PKR 1,200

From Artisan Vapor Pakistan


Final Thoughts on the Moto Plus starter kit

Lets get one thing straight; the moto plus is first and foremost a starter kit and I have tried to use it the same way a new vaper would. I even lent the device to a few non-vapers (who were interested in vaping to help them quit smoking) and let them try it out over the course of a day. Their verdict: they preferred the device over my box mods because of three reasons.
1: It looks great.
2: It is small enough to pocket easily.
3: The ease of use i.e. just press the button and vape without setting watts.

Makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that any new vaper will be confused with the new box mods. Heck, I know plenty of people who have been vaping for months and they dont know how to rebuild a tank or the different type of wires you can use to do so or even simple physics relating to the heat flux of coils depending on the gauge of wire and number of wraps. To expect a newbie to grasp all of this by handing him a mod that fires up to 200w and does all the new vaping tricks would be too much. They just want one thing i.e. to quit smoking and blow some moderate amount of clouds. The moto plus is perfect for that even though I personally wouldn’t prefer it for one and one reason only which is the lack of an rba head. I simply like to build my own coils as I can adjust my vaping experience and cut down on costs at the same time.

Would I recommend it to a new vaper? Yes, I would because most people I recommended the ego one to have been pretty happy with the device and continue to use it but have never tried to vape temperature control style or even build their own coils. For such people, meaning people that want to vape but not go down the rabbit hole, this is a perfect device that does the job. I wouldn’t recommend this device to someone. like me, who likes to rebuild but if you have it then it comes in really handy when you dont feel like rebuilding your tank and want a hassle free setup to vape on.

moto plus VS ego AIO

That’s it from me. If you have any comments then please leave them below.

EDIT: The Moto tank does have issues with spit back but it is noticeably less on the 0.5 ohm coil than the 0.3 one. I did not dwell on this because spit back is a common occurrence in most RTAs (so used to them that I dont mind them much) cause by the over saturated coil and enthusiastic inhales. If it bothers you then get a bigger drip tip to solve the issue. The Subtank mini was a notorious spitting tank and a longer drip tip solved that issue for me.


  1. well said ,looks very elegant, unlike Ego Ai0, but price is on the higher side compare to Ego Ai0

    1. There was no leaking while I used the device. I used it all day even during the hottest part of the afternoon when I was out and about without a single leak. The wick holes are too small in my opinion to cause much leaking.

  2. In my opennion the device is not so good
    Too much crackeling soung in the coil i am using 0.5 ohms and spit back issue
    The tank gets hot if you draw 4 to 6 decent times, hot enough to slightly burn lips

    Longer driptip solved spitback and lip burn issue to an extant

    Can u tell me where to buy nice e juice in low price

    1. Hey Munib,

      The crackling sound and spitback is a common occurrence in these pen style devices and I have seen the same in the Ego AIO and Ego one, etc. Spitback happens because of the short chamber and even tanks like the subtank suffer from that, it is also exacerbated by hot weather as the flavor becomes thinner and over saturates the wick which then crackles loudly and spits back. In my experience I did not experience the burning lip sensation even when the tank got very hot as the ceramic coated drip tip prevented that. If you mean the vapor got very hot enough to singe your lips then I suggest you try the 1 ohm coil instead.

      To answer your question about ejuice you can check the vendor list here for places you can buy ejuice locally from.
      There are other international vendors that sell ejuice for cheap like, Northland Vapors, Arkansas Eliquid which cost around $19.99 for 120ml. Do keep in mind that you might be charged duty and taxes on your parcel which has been reported to cost as low as Rs. 35 to Rs. 3000/-

    1. Yes I did. Since the 510 pin has become the standard in tanks and mods; the battery can be used with other tanks as well but it has an ohm limit so it won’t fire below that.

  3. Ive been using the device for 2 weeks now. Been really good to me but i have 2 MAJOR ISSUES. It gets Burning hot around the air flow(you cant touch it) after some 15 decent vapes. The other issue i have is leaking from the airholes. Ive tried tightening the coil. Everything. Nothing works? Any Fix for the leaking part? (Ps : i sit it horizantally most of the time but i dont think that shud cause the problem)

  4. Ive been using the device for 2 weeks now. Been really good to me but i have 2 MAJOR ISSUES. It gets Burning hot around the air flow(you cant touch it) after some 15 decent vapes. The other issue i have is leaking from the airholes. Ive tried tightening the coil. Everything. Nothing works? Any Fix for the leaking part? (Ps : i sit it horizantally most of the time but i dont think that shud cause the problem). Coud the ejuice b a prob? Im using liqua ejuice(italian) vgpg

    1. I assume you mean it heats up a lot when you chain vape. The moto plus is old enough to be considered old gen which were not great heat wise when chain vaping. There is nothing you can do about the heating except maybe use some vape bands at the area where it heats up the most.

      Well I didn’t have any leaking issues but in older devices like the moto when you chain vape the flavor tends to heat up and become thinner leading to a high chance of leaking through airflow holes. The temperature during the day can also cause that especially if coupled with chain vaping and keeping the device horizontal.

      Seeing all the new improved devices hit the market, I would honestly not have recommended buying the moto kit anymore.

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