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Mech Milk by Mech Sauce – Review

I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for Mech Milk by Mech Sauce and said opinion is mine and mine alone as taste is subjective. Because of that reason I do not rate flavors on a scale but rather remark on the taste and quality so the readers can reach their own decision on whether they want to purchase the flavor or not. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

mech milk


Initial Thoughts and Impressions

A few months back, when I had a lot of my time on my hands and an almost empty wallet, I stumbled upon a new ejuice company going by the name of Mech Sauce. The first thing I noticed was the prices of the flavors (I think it’s the first thing anyone notices there in fact) which left me surprised because $15 for 120ml ($15 for 100ml now) was something I never believed possible. A little skeptical at first I did end up ordering a few of their flavors before eventually deciding that Mech Milk was the one flavor I loved most out of all the rest.

A few hundred millilitres later I still vape mech milk and consider it an all day vape of mine. The one thing that to date bothers me is the flavor profile because it states “ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS IS THE BEST STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE IVE EVER HAD. I COULD LITERALLY DRINK THIS FOR BREAKFAST. LUNCH AND DINNER. WITH OUT THE NICOTINE OF COURSE. YA PLEASE DONT DRINK THIS”. All caps nonetheless which other than its overenthusiastic tone and high reviews made my expectations rise even further. Even though I love the flavor, I will touch on the aspect that bothers me the most about it later in the review. The one thing that mech milk definitely has going for it is the low price point which in this day and age of expensive premium glass bottle flavors is a breath of fresh air.

 Testing setups

*Mech Milk by Mech Sauce – 3 mg nicotine (90 VG and Max Vg)*

*HohmWrecker with Haze Mini (RDA) 3mm 0.44 ohm dual Clapton coils*

*Hohm Wrecker with the Crius RTA dual coils 0.35ohms*

mech milk

Lower watts

As you can see in the image above I filled up my Crius RTA to the brim with mech milk because the one thing I always do while reviewing a flavor is have a few other people try and vape it as well. This is so if I don’t feel a particular flavor come through and the other people do then I can chalk it up to a taste bud variation because, well, everyone is different. Mech Milk filled RTA in my pocket and off I went puffing away like a God damn train on the way to work where I met a colleague who I promptly had try the flavor. He was the first in many that day and the unanimous verdict was “Strawberry! Where??”. Yeah, at low watts I can’t feel any strawberry at all but there is a lovely sweet milk and cream flavor that comes through with an odd flavor that could be strawberry except I have vaped so many different strawberry flavors that this is no strawberry flavoring I have ever come across.

Higher watts

mech milk

Cranking up the watts gives a very warm and dense vapor that feels like sweet warm cream/milk shake. The RDA can handle even higher watts than the RTA so I changed the tanks in an effort to go even higher to search for that elusive strawberry. A very airy draw and thick copious clouds on very high watts later I still failed to find any strawberry in the flavor. I thought to myself that maybe the strawberry is a deep hidden flavor that makes the milkshake taste great but doesn’t come through at all. However, that would make perfect sense except for the fact that the flavor profile screams “BEST STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE”  and when have you ever had a milkshake that did not predominantly feature the fruit it used? As far as I am concerned Mech Milk is the BEST SWEET MILKSHAKE sans strawberries.




From Mech Sauce

*15 ml for $4 *

*30 ml for $6.5*

*100 ml for $15*

*120 ml for $19*

Charges a flat rate of shipping of $30 on your order regardless of quantity


30 ml for PKR 1500 (Sold according to ratios and nicotine strengths given below)

6mg – 70 VG/30 PG

3mg – 80 VG/20 PG

0mg – 90 VG/10 PG

Final Thoughts on Mech Milk by Mech Sauce

Despite my rant above I am a HUGE fan of mech milk and as I mentioned above have bought the flavor many times over the past few months. This is a CLASSIC example of taste being subjective because many others along with me share the same love for the flavor. Heck I just received 300 ml of mech milk (via a cousin) and couldn’t be happier regardless of the missing strawberry. Mech milk as a strawberry milkshake flavor is a fail but as a sweet milkshake flavor that tastes oh so good it is amazing plus it is cheap. I recently reviewed Artisan Vapor’s Strawberries & Cream and can honestly say the strawberry in that flavor is more prevalent than in mech milk despite the muted tone. I ended up mixing both and it turned out to be a great idea as now I really do have a strawberry milkshake to vape.

Ah, I do have to mention that recently mech sauce have increased their flat shipping rate to $30 from the previous $20 and regardless of the quantity you order it will be charged that flat rate. Another factor to consider is the risk of your parcel getting lost in the mail and/or being slapped with duties and taxes courtesy of our very nice Government. The best way to get this flavor would be to have a friend or relative bring it over and if you are lucky in convincing someone to do so then you best order 500 ml because who knows when you will get the next chance. Even if you don’t like it you can post it up for sale at the Pakistan Vaping Community on Facebook, sit back and watch your inbox fill up with people clamouring to buy them.

That is it from me, if you have any input then please leave a comment below. Until next time, keep calm and vape on!

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