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Fuzzy Navel by Artisan Vapor – Review

I was sent Fuzzy Navel by Artisan Vapor for review purposes. I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion. Said opinion is mine and mine alone as taste is subjective. Because of that reason I do not rate flavors on a scale but rather remark on the taste and quality so the readers can reach their own decision on whether they want to purchase the flavor or not. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

Fuzzy Navel by Artisan Vapor

fuzzy navel


Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Are you aware of the commandments of vaping? One of them is ‘Everyone who vapes shall one day subohm!’ and of course there is no fun in sub ohm vaping if you don’t blow some clouds which is where high vg juice comes into play. For those of you not aware it is simply the higher the VG, the more the vapor produced. Artisan has a whole line dedicated to cloud chasing called the Cloud Line (VG), duh! Fuzzy navel is 90% VG and 100% funny when you consider the possibilities of its name. The flavor profile is “peach extracts combined with the hint of orange, and cream.” and that worries me because it has some citrus flavorings in it. I am hoping the higher VG helps lower the flavoring impact so my citrus irritation doesn’t act up while vaping this flavor.

The aroma from the bottle has everything except the cream coming through. There is a pretty confusing yet nice smell of peaches and oranges but the not of the cream which is likely an undertone meant to smooth out the tanginess of the citrus flavoring and lend a hand to the smooth inhale that is customary to high vg flavors. I have had peach flavor before from both Artisan and Whitemist but they never quite impressed me. Artisan claims that this is one of their best selling flavors from the cloud line so that raises my expectations a bit more than usual. Anyway, lets start.

 Testing setups

*Fuzzy Navel by Artisan Vapor – 3 mg nicotine (90 VG)*

*HohmWrecker with Haze Mini (RDA) 3mm 0.44 ohm dual Clapton coils*

*Hohm Wrecker with the Crius RTA dual coils 0.3ohms*

Fuzzy navel

                  Lower watts                     

Citus flavoring haters will be glad to know that on low watts you cannot feel the tangy effect that much. Instead the cream takes the front seat and brings you a slight tone of peach and orange. So much so that it feels like the dominant flavor is cream and the undertones are of peach and orange. The crius gave me a wonderful vape with this flavor at just 20 watts and I vaped half the bottle on that setup alone. If you plan on vaping this flavor on wattages that stay within respectable limits (hah!) then expect a nice flavorful but mellow vape.

Higher watts

Even though it felt like I took a big bite of juicy peach followed by a spoon of fresh cream and a glass of orange juice (non-sour variety), I did end up getting a cough due to my low tolerance for citrus flavors. The peach and orange comes through very nicely and the cream gives it a nice smoothing effect. Despite the occasional cough, which only appeared after three to four deep inhales, I still had a good time blowing clouds at high watts on the RDA with dual claptons. Higher watts on the RDA did mix the peach and orange flavors so much that it was hard to tell them apart but the cream did make it slightly sweet and thoroughly enjoyable.


*15 ml for 1,100 PKR from Artisan Vapor Pakistan*

*39 ml for 2,200 PKR from Artisan Vapor Pakistan*

Final Thoughts on Fuzzy Navel

Fuzzy navel was a surprise find for me since I generally try to stay away from any flavor with even a hint of citrus flavoring. Since I was sent this flavor for the purpose of a review I had to give it a go and was pretty much amazed at the experience. This, I think, can be chalked up to the higher VG ratio and some cream flavoring which toned down the citrus to levels tolerable for me.

I have vaped Juicy peach from Artisan and did not like it one bit while poached peach from whitemist which although great did leave a weird aftertaste that I eventually lost the stomach for. Fuzzy Navel has good peach, no, in fact it has the best peach I have had yet and the orange (so glad it doesn’t make me cough so much) works well with it. The absence of cream would have made this a successful pure fruit vape as well but the inclusion of cream does work well for it as well. I am definitely impressed with this flavor and might even buy some more of it to get my fix. It is a nice change from my regular milkshake and menthol flavored all day vapes.

That’s it from me; please leave your comments below about how you found the flavor.


  1. Just started vaping and this blog post has made vaping make so much more sense. Is anyone else a novice vaper here? I wanted to find out whether there is a 100 VG e-liquid? A lot fo vape reviewers claim that 100 VG e-liquid does not exist since it cannot be vaped without any PG. I find this a bit misleading because I have an allergy to PG and want a completely PG free e-liquid. Any recommendations?

    1. Hey, Thank you for the kind words.
      Yes there are 100% vg flavors that are made with vg based flavorings and vg based nicotine. The flavors are very smooth and can be found here : https://www.ejuices.com/collections/100-vg
      There are probably other places where you can find them and you will have to google 100% vg eliquid for that.

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