Alleria RTA

Alleria RTA – Tank Review

This review is my opinion based on my experience with the Alleria RTA and is in no way intended to be the final judgment on this product or its safety. RTAs are tanks meant for advanced vapers who know how to rebuild tanks and are aware of ohms law. Practice safe vaping. 

New sub ohm tanks come out as frequently as Qandeel Balouch videos (ugh) and it makes deciding, which one to get, a hassle. The great multitude of new tanks leads to confusion for almost all the new vapers out there and to a degree it confuses the experienced vapers too. From the all the choices out there sometimes a gem if a tank can pass by unnoticed because it isn’t being hyped enough. This issue is alleviated to an extent for those of us that have been vaping for a few years as the process of choosing a new tank is completely different than just picking the new kid on the block. Take me for example, whenever I buy a tank (Rebuildables only) I concentrate on the build deck, airflow and juice hole size. The Alleria RTA caught my eye for this exact same reason and despite not even hearing about this, everyone I know is raving about the griffin, theorem or crown, I got one for myself in hopes it performs better than my Crius RTA.

  • Alleria RTA
    Alleria RTA ready to vape


  • 23mm diameter
  • 304SS
  • Peek insulator
  • Top fill system
  • Compatible with 510 drip tips
  • Unique Glass chimney
    • Show off those builds
  • 14mm Velocity style deck
    • 14mm Diameter Build Deck
    • PEEK Insulator
  • Juice flow Control for vaping high VG juice
    • Glass Chimney moves Up Or Down To Control Juice Flow
    • Rotate Drip Tip Clockwise To moves Glass Chimney Down
    • Rotate Drip Tip Counter-Clockwise To moves Glass Chimney Up
  • 3ML Capacity
  • Derlin Drip tip

Alleria RTA


1x Alleria RTA by Augvape

1x Delrin Drip Tip

1x Replacement Glass Tank

1x Replacement Glass Chimney

1x Bag of Extra O-Ring, Screws, Allen Key

1x User Manual

Alleria RTA Alleria RTA Alleria RTA Alleria RTA Alleria RTA Alleria RTA Alleria RTA Alleria RTA


I was pleased to find that the Alleria RTA, when opened, did not smell of machine oil and that it’s build quality Alleria RTAAlleria RTAwas better than the Crius RTA. The drip trip was a surprise not because it is made of delrin but because it is used to control the juice flow. You dont get an extra drip tip in the box so take care of the one you get because using the juice control without it will be a big PITA. The airflow is wide but not chuff wide which I am guessing is because of Augvape’s intent to balance the flavor and vapor production.

The airflow here are two mirrored 10mm cyclonic slots that are a little bigger than the Crius but not as airy as the Zephyrus in my opinion. Two things that have impressed me with the airflow is that it is knurled for easier gripping and it has a stopper so it doesn’t rotate continuously.

Alleria RTA

The Velocity style posts are very easy to build on and I managed to install a pair of claptons very easily due to the wide post holes. The wicking was a tad easier than the Crius as the wick slots are a slight bit bigger than the crius. Another plus point is that even if you wick a little crappily you can crank up juice control to fully open and vape away. The juice control is handled very nicely here, you basically rotate the drip trip and the glass chamber rotates up so that the channels are fully exposed or rotates down so that the channels are completely closed.






Alleria RTA
Fully closed


+ Juice Control

+ Glass Chimney

+ Rebuildable

+ Velocity styled deck

+ Wicks Max VG very easily

+ Flavor for daaaayyyysssss

Alleria RTA
Fully open





– Juice capacity may be low for some

– Juice Hog KING!


Around $16.67 from Fasttech

Final Thoughts on the Alleria RTA

Alleria RTAThe Alleria RTA surprised me by turning out to be a flavor chasing tank rather than a cloud chasing one even though the airflow is decent. The deck space makes it possible to install fancy coils (2.5mm as 3mm wont fit) but be warned that them fancy coils give a very hot yet flavorful vape. Speaking of flavor, it simply beats the Crius by a mile and then some with an amazing rich mouth filling flavorful vape each time. Even though I was impressed with the vaping experience of the Alleria RTA I was dismayed to see how quickly it drains juice. This tank is the king of juice hogs especially with a juice hungry build. I have managed to completely drain a full tank in just 15 mins while vaping it at 35 watts somewhat nonstop.

So, is the Alleria worth it? Hell YES! At just $16.67 from fasttech I will say this tank is a bargain and I myself am thinking of grabbing another just for the hell of it. You have a tank that shows off your build, a juice control system that enables insane fast wicking for those cloud chasing sessions and a build quality that is surprisingly good for the price it is retailing at if you can stomach the low tank capacity and fast juice consumption.

Alleria RTA
Alleria RTA ready to vape


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