WTF by Coil Fuel

WTF by Coil Fuel Co – Review

I was given this flavor by Coil Fuel for the purposes of this review. Hence, I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for WTF by Coil Fuel which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

WTF by Coil Fuel

Pakistan has the dubious honor of possessing around 20 or so vendors to cater to the local vapers needs. Our neighbor, India, currently can’t boast the same and here I want to take a moment to draw a distinction between the vendors found in Pakistan. You have the importers (khapia style included) on one side and the blenders on one side. Both are providing and invaluable service but in light of the upcoming FDA regulations about to hit the US it makes sense to lean more towards the vendors that blend the flavors right here in Pakistan. With restrictions not being imposed on the raw ingredients needed for blending flavors it leaves Pakistan quite safe if limited in choice where vaping is concerned.

The flavors are priced on the lower side for a nice change and are currently only available as a Juicegasm bundle i.e. Rs. 2000 for 2 x 20ml bottles. Currently Coil Fuel Co has only two flavors on offer and it is unclear when in the future it will be possible to mix and match flavors in a bundle for whether even now you can get 2 bottles of the same flavor instead of 2 separate flavors. The names are slang abbreviations almost everyone is familiar with, WTF and LMAO. Certainly the names and packaging comes as a nice change of what we are used to and on that note it is time for the smell test. I will say this, WTF really did make me go WTF because it was hard to tell what notes are present in the flavor. The most overwhelming notes stemmed from a bakery flavoring that feels cake-ish one second and cereal-ey the next. I have vaped cereal flavors before with the last one being Crunch berry by whitemist which I didn’t care much for as it irritated my throat. WTF has an absence of the strong cereal smell I found in Crunch Berry and depending on how you feel about cereal that can be a good or bad thing.

 Testing setups

*WTF by Coil Fuel – Full VG – 3 mg*

*RDA with dual Clapton coils 0.54 ohms*

*RTA with standard dual coils 0.5 ohms*

*RTA with a standard single coil 0.45 ohms*

                     Lower watts                     

On lower watts the flavor is hard to decipher as it isn’t strong enough. After a few tries I begin to notice a consistent cake-ish cereal-ey taste (not noticeable to my focus group) but try as hard as I can I cannot get any other taste. Switching over to the RTA brings more of the same except because of the smaller airflow the cake-ish cereal-ey flavoring increased to a noticeable level just falling short of the tasty mark. Another thing I noticed is at low watts on the dual coil RTA there is a big drop in sweetness as well. There isn’t much to delve into here as lower watts do not deliver where this flavor is concerned and unless higher watts can coax some more flavor out WTF, it will in my opinion have to be tweaked slightly. I wont even talk about the single coil RTA (subtank mini) here because at low watts it was bland.

Higher watts

Honestly this is where the true test of Coil Fuel flavors lies because the flavors are only available in High VG and 3 mg or below nicotine strengths meaning this is a flavor targeting high wattage vapers. WTF needs to produce a robust flavor profile in this range and with that the RDA is set to go high watts. A definite increase in the bakery element that is noticeable easily here at higher watts with a slight berry flavor jumping in an out. The official flavor profile says this is on the cereal side but expect no comparison to the whitemist cereal offering as this is oddly very different. It feels more like a cake flavor and it could be because of the reported cream flavorings but whatever the cause there is one fact i.e. the berry flavoring is too light. On the single coil RTA all I can taste is an okay cakeish flavor meaning it wasn’t strong enough.


*20 ml for 1,000 PKR from Coil Fuel Co*

(WTF at this moment can only be bought as part of a package. Rs. 2000 for 20ml of WTF and 20ml of LMAO)

(Currently out of stock but reportedly the next stock will also be sold for Rs. 1500/- as part of a promotion)

Final Thoughts on WTF by Coil Fuel

Throat Hit: 9/10 – This is one of the easiest scores a flavor can ace and a lower score here can mean a serious issue with the flavor.

Smell: 7/10 – Instead of cereal the smell feels more cake-ey for some reason and the berry flavor doesn’t come through on the exhaled vapor smell as well.

Flavor Accuracy: 6/10 – Yes, marks off here because the berry flavoring was too weak, the cream which is used to provide a smooth creamy effect managed to change the cereal into something reminiscent of a cake and this was echoed by my focus group as well.

Go for it: – IF you like milder flavors; IF you want a subtle baker flavor; IF you prefer less prominent berry flavored juices; IF you always wanted to try a bakery flavor but couldn’t because they always irritated your throat (this one is weak enough not to) and finally IF you prefer your bakery flavors without any cinnamon.

WTF by Coil Fuel

So, low scores in the flavor accuracy dept means what? Well, quite simply it means that the flavor does not accurately match up to the official flavor profile in my opinion. There was a fair cereal exhale but the berry did not consistently come through. The flavor might be pleasing to those that suffer from throat irritation where bakery flavors are concerned as the inclusion of cream has made this a tad smoother then most but at the expense of a toned down flavor experience.

Coil Fuel Co has taken a promising start as WTF has the taste of a good quality flavor but ultimately suffers from low flavoring impact. I have shared my concerns with Coil Fuel and hopefully they can (or will) revisit the mixing table to increase the flavorings. I am confident that with a robust flavor showing this flavor can live up to the Juicegasm name that is a part off. Consider this a Juicegasm part 1 review with part 2 i.e. LMAO coming near the end of this week or the coming Monday. Hopefully that will be a flavorful affair as it already smells stronger and nice than WTF.

Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.


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