LMAO by Coil Fuel

LMFAO by Coil Fuel Co – Review

I was given this flavor by Coil Fuel for the purposes of this review. Hence, I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for LMFAO by Coil Fuel which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

LMFAO by Coil Fuel

Coil Fuel Co brings you LMFAO which is part of its Juicegasm bundle along with WTF. As before I will say that the packaging nets top points and the bottles are off a sturdy yet easily squeezable variety. When we looked at WTF it was to discover the unfortunate low flavoring impact and whether it’s package mate suffers from the same or breaks the flavor barrier is what we will see in this review.

From the smell alone it is very easy to tell the presence of banana and not just plain banana but a ripe banana. The smell of the ripe banana is a tad strong and is often confused wrongly as smelling like ‘nail polish’ by those whose sense of smell has not developed to a certain point (I say this because I have seen this happen a lot and one person from my focus group remarked the same when he gave the bottle a whiff). Ripe banana smells strong and unless you know how to air the bottle and take a whiff, it will always carry that strong sharp note which can be confused with the sharpness of nail polish because the ripe banana smell does not smell like normal banana flavoring. The second underlying tone is bakery and although I can guess to an extent the type of bakery flavoring, it has no significance as vaping a flavor reveals the true errrr…..flavor. So, while the smell promises a banana bakery treat let us start the review to see whether it actually delivers the same.

Testing setups

*LMFAO by Coil Fuel – Full VG – 3 mg*

*RDA with dual Clapton coils 0.54 ohm*

*RTA with standard dual coils 0.5 ohm*

*RTA with standard single coil 0.5 ohm*

                     Lower watts                     

More of the same, LMFAO suffers from low flavor impact like its package mate WTF. A very slight banana type flavor bleeds through but much to my chagrin the prominent taste is of the nut bread. It is easily noticeable especially if you have had the pleasure of vaping nut bread flavors before. As with all bakery flavors a very important component is the sweetener because what is a confectionery if not sweet. Unfortunately for those with a sweet tooth and an aversion to high wattage vaping there is little solace as to quote Toad from Mario ‘The sweetener you seek MIGHT be felt in another castle (read: wattage)!’

Higher watts

With all tanks set to the highest watts they can go without getting a burnt hit, it is go time! In order of flavor impact we first have the RDA with the dual claptons managing to give a decent flavor at 60 watts. By decent I mean I can taste the banana in the inhale and it mellows down to let the bread flavor come through weakly but it is by no means sweet and flavorful which is according to me essential for a bakery flavor to have. The RTAs fared worse with the dual coil tank managing to give a low taste of banana occasionally with bread felt more weakly on the exhale. I didn’t enjoy it in the dual coil RTA and that was disappointing but the single coil RTA fared worse with the banana relegated to a backseat role and the bakery taking over surprisingly. I could not get banana to come to the forefront despite fiddling with the airflow and watts.


*20 ml for 1,000 PKR from Coil Fuel Co*

(LMFAO at this moment can only be bought as part of a package. Rs. 2000 for 20ml of WTF and 20ml of LMFAO)

(Currently the package is being sold for Rs. 1500/- as part of a promotion)

Final Thoughts on LMFAO by Coil Fuel

Throat Hit: 8/10 – The presence of ripe banana flavoring might irritate some vapers as it has some citrus elements to it. Nevertheless the balance of the flavor in overcoming a too harsh banana flavor was good enough to net it an 8.

Smell: 9/10 – We have banana and we have bread, nuff said.

Flavor Accuracy: 7/10 – One point higher than WTF because this does manage to deliver to a certain extent with both flavors being present even if weakly.

Go for it: -If you like milder flavors; If you want a subtle banana bakery flavor; If you always wanted to try a bakery flavor and/or banana based but couldn’t because they always irritated your throat (this one is weak enough not to).

LMFAO by Coil Fuel

After my last review of WTF I was informed by Coil Fuel Co that the next batch of Juicegasm will have a revised flavor strength so consider this review targeted towards the first batch. If I get my hands on the second batch then I will update these reviews with my findings and let you all know via a post in the Pakistan Vaping Community on Facebook. Overall Juicegasm was a promising showing by Coil Fuel Co and if they continue to come up with good flavors then it is a welcome addition to the family of local blending vendors in Pakistan. A good rule of thumb for blending flavors is to ensure they are flavorful in every tank from a single coil one to a cloud chucking RDA. The balance takes much time to perfect but as WhiteMist has proved it is possible.

Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.