StrawMonHead from E-Lite – Review

I was given this flavor by E-lite for the purposes of this review. Hence, I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for StrawMonHead which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

E-Lite has come a long way from just selling flavors outsourced from China. Around two years ago they began selling flavors outsourced from MtBakerVapor which proved to be immensely popular initially but due to a mis-calculated PG/VG ratio and flavor shot issue the interest fizzled out. Then the influx of many new vendors offering locally blended flavors and imported ones spurred E-lite to take a long hard look at their business model and there began the change.

E-Lite now has started stocking new vape and popular gear along with some select popular flavors imported from the US and Malaysia. I reviewed StrApple and StraBlack from their Malaysian Line a few months back and today I will dive into their US line with StrawMonHead. This flavor comes in a 60 ml glass bottle and going by the name and image on the bottle it looks like it is a blend of 2 or so different fruits with an emphasis on being tangy. Curious and dread are the two dominant emotions I feel before the review because citrus and I have never been on good terms although recently I did notice the citrus flavorings bothering me less and less probably due to the wide airflow tanks I use or maybe cause my lungs have gotten stronger since quitting them cancer sticks.

Anyway on to the first test i.e. the smell test. The flavor smells pleasing on the first sniff and it feels like there might be multiple fruits mixed into this blend. I would go as far as to call it a mixed fruit blend but nowhere near complex. Lemon is the predominant smell here and it is eerily familiar to the smell of lemon candy you might have eaten a lot as a kid. Second flavor to ooze through is strawberry in the form of a sweet promise no doubt well needed to tone down the lemon tanginess. I will need to check the details of this flavor to ascertain whether it is MEANT to be tangy and sour or has that effect as a pleasing factor before I give it final marks. Right then, off we go.

Testing setups

*StrawMonHead by Coil Fuel – Full VG – 0 mg*

*RDA with dual Clapton coils 0.54 ohm*

*RTA with standard dual coils 0.4 ohm*

*RDTA with dual twisted coils 0.35 ohms*

*RTA with standard single coil 0.5 ohm*

                     Lower watts                     

Let’s get the scare out of the way. Yes, it is lemon flavored and that is easy enough to feel on the first inhale even at lower watts. There is little no citrus in this which is very weird. I expected to get a harsh vape or a hacking cough when vaping this flavor and was surprised to discover that this was not the case. The flavor is pleasantly sweet and predominantly lemon-ey leaning towards the candy lemon variety. Although the design on the bottle indicates that there might be some strawberry flavoring there as well, I did not taste any in all the setups I used at lower watts. Higher watts may be another story however.


Higher watts

I recently purchased the Limiteless RDTA (will be reviewing that soon) and with a dual twisted coil setup I decided to crank up the watts and puff away. After the non-sweet experience I had, with Coil Fuel Co flavors I reviewed, StrawMonHead was a completely different story. While not very sweet it did tickle my sweet tooth to an extent that I mindlessly vaped away 10ml just on the rdta alone and thoroughly enjoyed the clouds I made without suffering from a harsh citrus attack. The higher watts succeeded in bringing more sweetness to the flavor and that is where I think the strawberry might be hidden. The lemon candy flavor was curtailed by a certain sweetness that made the flavor enjoyable on all the setups although the single coil rta had trouble bringing anything but the taste of lemon candy to the forefront it was still enjoyable.


*60 ml for 2,999 PKR from E-Lite*

(Use ‘TPV20‘ for 20% off on all flavors available at E-Lite)

Final Thoughts on StrawMonHead

Throat Hit: 9/10 – I was very close to handing out a 10 for this flavor because of the smooth hit I got but because I reviewed a 0 mg strength flavor it would be unfair to rate a smooth hit when a 3 mg flavor could easily give some sort of hit. Unlikely that 3 mg more nicotine from a 0 mg one might drastically change the throat hit strength but stranger things have happened.

Smell: 8/10 – Lemon candy never smelled so enticing although a slight disappointment over the absence of any strawberry and other ‘promised’ fruits.

Flavor Accuracy: 7/10 – “Sweet lemon hard candy with the perfect infusion of strawberries and other fruit.” I failed to accurately detect presence of any other fruit except a slight supposed strawberry in the flavor. The flavor nonetheless is tasty and accurate as far as the sweet lemon candy bit is concerned but to give it higher marks when it promises a perfect infusion of strawberries and other fruits would be unfair.

Go for it: -If you like sweet and slightly tangy candy flavors; If you want lemon flavor without the citrus harshness; If you ever loved lemon candy as a kid.


The regulars here might have noticed how my review style has evolved ever since I began reviewing flavors when I used just one RDA to the present where different types of tanks and builds factor into the mix over a period of days and focus group tests. It is one reason I vape through 30 ml of a review bottle so fast because I want to ensure my opinion is as thorough as possible before the factor of subjective taste is thrown into the mix. The flavor might have scored ‘ok’ in the flavor accuracy test but that test is focused purely on whether the flavor matches the promise of the flavor description. While StrawMonHead fails to do that to an extent it is by no means a bad flavor. I rank it as one of the best flavors E-Lite has to offer especially at the quantity being offered at the price listed above. Go check it out at any of the E-Lite stalls and let that sweet lemon candy take you away.

Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.

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