Blueberry Donuts

Blueberry Donuts from Electronic Clouds – Review

I was given this flavor by Electronic Clouds for the purposes of this review. Hence, I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for Blueberry Donuts which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

Blueberry Donuts

Electronic Clouds is another local vendor based in Peshawar (probably the city’s only vendor) that only offers imported (US) flavors at reasonable prices. Relatively under the radar recently it was just added to the Pakistan Vaping Community’s vendor list and to the List here at as well. It is refreshing to see a vendor concentrating on just selling flavors instead of joining the hardware selling race. We have enough vendors selling hardwares; we need juice, tasty juice and that too at reasonable prices.

Blueberry Donuts is part of the D’oh Nuts E-juice line and one of three flavors being sold by Electronic Clouds in Pakistan. We recently looked at two bakery flavors by Coil Fuel and found them promising but ultimately lacking in impact. Blueberry Donut has the very important task of balancing the fruit with the bakery to ensure that tasty lingering impact for the vaper. The only way I can see this flavor go wrong is by the blueberry tasting artificial and overly sweet with either a weak bakery tone or a borderline harsh one.

The flavor smell test brings up layers of milk, cakey/doughy smell and blueberries. Surprising since a smell test does not often reveal all of the flavors unless you go ahead and vape it. To say it smells pleasing would be an understatement; it smells amazing! For me Donuts are always classified into two non-negotiable categories i.e. chocolate coated donuts and plain sugar sprinkled donuts. I simply will not have any other kind BUT I will definitely go ahead and vape any variety of donuts flavored ejuices I come across so lets begin.

Testing setups

*Blueberry Donuts – 20 PG/ 80 VG – 3 mg*

*RDA with dual Clapton coils 0.54 ohm*

*RTA with standard dual coils 0.4 ohm*

*RDTA with dual clapton coils 0.35 ohms*

*RTA with single Parallel coil 0.3 ohm*

 Blueberry Donuts

                     Lower watts                     

MMMmmmm wow! This is tasty, even at lower watts the flavor is amazing. It tastes like a milk dipped donut that is just the right amount of sweet. It is very hard to find a milk flavor that doesn’t feel like it has strayed into the territory of cream with an abundance of heavy sweetness. The blueberry unfortunately is low enough not to register especially in the single parallel coil rta. Plenty of vapor on all setups and the single parallel coil along with the dual coil rta gave a very nice milk dunked donut vape while the dual clapton coil rda and rtda placed a heavy emphasis on the milk with a slight hint of blueberry in the background.

Higher watts

High watts on the rdta give you a sweet donut flavor combined with a milky taste that has a mild sort of blueberry flavor bleeding through so basically the same as on low watts except more stronger. In all setups the flavor becomes enriched with a sweet boldness that makes it lip smacking-ly tasty. Suffice to say that Blueberry Donut is tasty at higher watts and even with the layered blueberry flavoring it manages to stack up the taste in such a way that is ultimately pleasing and more so at higher watts. Its a toss up between which wattage setting I most enjoyed this flavor. If you have a penchant for clouds then it would be high watts but if you prefer a tepid temp sweet donut treat with a background blueberry layer then low ohms for you.


*30 ml for 2,499 PKR from Electronic Clouds*

Final Thoughts on Blueberry Donuts

Throat Hit: 10/10 – Smooth even at 3 mg. Considering the fact that this is a donut flavor dunked in milk with no significant throat hit makes this get a perfect score.

Smell: 9/10 – Wonderful aroma promising a tasty blueberry donut treat.

Flavor Accuracy: 7/10 – “Warm and fluffy blueberry donuts combine expertly with an ice cold glass of milk to make an e-liquid so delicious that you won’t ever want to part with it. Prominent Flavours: Blueberry, Donut, Milk.” Personally I would have preferred a stronger blueberry impact and some might struggle to taste the blueberry, so, points off for that.

Go for it: -If you love donuts, If you love milk based flavors, If you love sweet bakery flavors, If you want a great breakfast/tea time vape.

Blueberry Donuts

Overall a very tasty vape and I absolutely loved reviewing it. The sad part was watching the bottle empty so fast as I filled up all the testing setups. Focus group loved the flavor as well and placed an emphasis on the milky donut flavor with a background blueberry that came through on and off. I will say again that I would have preferred a stronger blueberry like the one found in cloud candy but even then the flavor manages to make me sit up straight and appreciate what it has to offer. I would love a chance to review Strawberry Donuts because I now rank Blueberry Donuts as one of the best bakery based flavors I have ever had.

Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.