The Wolf

The Wolf from Electronic Clouds – Review

I was given this flavor by Electronic Clouds for the purposes of this review. Hence, I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for The Wolf by Wapari Drops which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

Wapari Drops is not as well known as, say for example, Moo Juice or the Naked line especially here in Pakistan. That said, often the unknown manages to surprise us with being great. The Pakistan Vaping scene has with amazing regularity seen its fair share of unknown new comers penetrate heavily into the tanks of vapers here. Mechsauce and Northland are two such names right off the top of my head which gained popularity due to their low prices even though the flavor they offer are a mixed bag of sorts. If you want to know what I mean then check out my review of Mech Milk  and expect my reviews of Northland flavors soon.

For those of you who dont know the Wapari Drops line is a collaborative effort by Nick’s Blissful Brews and the guy behind the famous Wapari Box mods. There are three flavors in the Wapari Drops line up and all three will be reviewed one after the other here. I have with me The Wolf from Wapari Drops and it is a dessert based flavor like the other two. The most prominent smell I could feel was yogurt while the rest was a mixed bag of sorts. Im guessing there are multiple flavors or a complex blend flavoring has been used because the smell is familiar yet I cannot place it.

the wolf
Image credits – MasqueVapors

Testing setups

*The Wolf – 30 PG / 70 VG – 3 mg*

*RDA with dual Clapton coils 0.54 ohm*

*RTA with standard dual coils 0.4 ohm*

*RDTA with dual clapton coils 0.35 ohms*

*RTA with single Parallel coil 0.3 ohm*

                     Lower watts                     

I started off with the single coil rta and instantly recalled the flavor. It is very similar if not the exact same to Walls Rainbow paddle pop ice cream which was pretty popular a few years back. Instead of ice cream it tastes like rainbow yogurt which I believe was the intended effect. In both the single coil and dual coil rta the flavor tasted like rainbow flavored yogurt. The rdta and rda performed oddly as the rainbow flavor seemed to break apart with an inconsistent effect each vape. I am guessing the claptons allowed another underlying flavor to come out on top which would explain the taste difference.

The Wolf

Higher watts

This is where the any yogurt flavor will shine as I feel that yogurt needs a certain thickness that only high watts manage to bring about. Oddly enough the most pleasurable experience I had with this flavor was with the single coil rta even at high watts. A sweet rainbow flavored yogurt treat; think yogurt like whitemist yogurt but rainbow flavored. The dual coil rta came second while the rdta and rda fared worse. I figured out why though; the smaller chamber of the single coil tank allows for a better flavor production whereas the wider ones in the other tanks resulted for me in a orange-y yogurt type taste. Higher watts and clapton coils did result in a sweeter yogurt vape but your guess is as good as mine when it came to what other flavors came to the forefront there. Orange sherbet……maybe.

The yogurt flavor is not as deep and prominent as the ones found in whitemist flavors like cloud candy and that could be a good thing if you prefer a softer yogurt flavored vape.


*15 ml for 1,299 PKR from Electronic Clouds*

Final Thoughts on The Wolf

Throat Hit: 9/10 – On and Off a slight hit on inhales.

Smell: 6/10 – A very confusing aroma that promises yogurt and keeps the rest a secret.

Flavor Accuracy: 8/10 – “Are you hungry like The Wolf? Satisfy your cravings with a delicious ejuice that blends all the fruits into a tangy, fruity, refreshing rainbow frozen yogurt delight.” This is a flavor best suited for single coil rtas as a truly rainbow yogurt flavor is produced. The dual coil setups had a mixed flavor that, while wasn’t displeasing, was very confusing with a variety of flavors fighting for the limelight while yogurt remains consistent and mild.

Go for it: If you love yogurt flavors, If you love dessert flavors, If you want a nice yet confusing flavor, If you have a great single coil rta to use with this flavor.

The Wolf
Which of these are in the flavor, I could not tell.

In conclusion the flavor managed to bring to the table a variety of flavors and yogurt stood out as a constant regardless of which tank I used. The flavor was pleasing and tasty but honestly very confusing. This has got to be the only time I struggled with taste and further tests on my part could not be carried out as the 15 ml bottle allowed for just about one full tank on each setup. I found myself vaping the single coil setup more and more as time passed and while I think it is the best type of tank to enjoy this flavor; it is certainly not unpleasant on the other setups. I think in the end I would say the flavor doesn’t cost much and should definitely be a yogurt lover’s future purchase if only to see how the foreign yogurt stacks up to the local variety.

Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.