Coco Bolo

Coco Bolo from Electronic Clouds – Review

I was given this flavor by Electronic Clouds for the purposes of this review. Hence, I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for Coco Bolo by Wapari Drops which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping. 

This is it, finally on to the last flavor by Wapari Drops. A member at the Pakistan Vaping Community mentioned to me that they did not like coco bolo and I took extra care to make sure that I did not let that opinion sway mine. A few more people were included in my focus testing group as a precaution. Coco Bolo smells like cookie and vanilla but I will be honest when I say that vanilla was not that prominent. A few tries managed to coax out only the vanilla and nothing else which makes me think that the vanilla might mirror the experience I had with banana pudding in buckeye.

Coco Bolo

Testing setups

*Buckeye – 30 PG / 70 VG – 3 mg*

*RDA with dual Clapton coils 0.54 ohm*

*RDTA with dual clapton coils 0.35 ohms*

*RTA with single Parallel coil 0.3 ohm*

                     Lower watts                     

Straight on to the Rdta in low watt mode I feel a light vanilla on the inhale which is immediately assaulted by sweet cookie flavor. The cookie is strong with a sugary crunchy taste to it and thankfully manages to refrain from being overly harsh. The rda and rdta share the impact and the cookie reminds me of Candy biscuits. The a single coil setup results in a very sweet cookie taste with the vanilla softening the initial impact of the cookie.

coco bolo

Higher watts

Here the vanilla completely changes pace from being present only in the inhale to being felt on the exhale as well accompanied by a strong taste of sugary cookies. The cookie tastes similar to Candy biscuits but not completely the same. In fact it feels like the aftertaste that lingers in your mouth after downing a few Candy biscuits. The vanilla in the background never really gets strong enough to count as a prominent flavor while the cookie remains strong enough to irritate my throat sometimes. The pleasing tone and taste I felt at lower watts was wiped away by the cookie gaining prominence and wiping out the vanilla. Unlike the rdta the single coil did not give a candy biscuit type flavor but was a mix of cookie and some level of vanilla.


*15 ml for 1,299 PKR from Electronic Clouds*

Final Thoughts on Coco Bolo

Throat Hit: 7/10 – Not completely smooth for some people.

Smell: 8/10 – Sweet cookie and some hints of vanilla.

Flavor Accuracy: 6/10 – “Akin to a milkshake made with vanilla ice cream and sugar cookies, Coco Bolo will make your taste buds go Loco. One taste and you’ll be cuckoo for Coco Bolo!”  A milk shake made with vanilla ice cream should be and usually is heavy on the taste of vanilla that manages to taste thick and sweet. Here the vanilla is light at best which allows the cookie to stand at the forefront.

Go for it: If you love cookie flavors, If you love bakery flavors, If you like Candy biscuits, If you vape at low watts as this flavor tastes better there.

coco bolo

To be fair, the fact that the flavor did not have proper vanilla was both disappointing and surprising. The former because it would have made a great combo and the latter because even with the vanilla it managed to throw out, the sugar cookies akin to Candy biscuits manage to salvage the taste. This flavor will primarily appeal to cookie flavor lovers, so, if you have never liked cookie flavors then best you stay clear.

Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.