Watermelon Cream by VapeZonePk

Watermelon Cream by VapeZonePK

VapeZonePk’s second flavor I got to review was Watermelon Cream. Like the name says the flavor is based on watermelon and sweetened with cream although if you smell the flavor you might notice, like I did, a cooling effect which can only mean one thing i.e. Koolada.  I have issues with watermelon as a flavor for vaping because I never quite liked it to be honest. The only flavor that uses watermelon and is on my ADV list is Thug Juice by MtBakerVapor, Add to that the fact that I only vape Thug Juice at a 50/50 ratio with 12mg nicotine strength on those old evod tanks that I rebuild with 32g kanthal and rewick with rayon. Point being is I dont subohm it because I dont like the taste of watermelon when subohmed. Nonetheless that is my choice and far be it for me to rain on your parade so Ill go ahead and review the flavor so you guys can find out whether it tastes like the name says or fails to do so.

 Testing setups

*Watermelon Cream by VapeZonePk  Max Vg – 3 mg*

*RDA with dual Alien wire coils 0.4 ohm*

*RTA with single Alien coil 0.5 ohms*

                     Lower watts                     

For those of you on a:

RTA = Expect a sweet taste of cream followed by watermelon that sort of tastes like watermelon candy due to the aftertaste and koolada effect.

RDA/RDTA = Expect a very off-putting inhale that fails to be vindicated by the mild watermelon and koolada aftertaste.

Higher watts

For those of you on a:

RTA = Expect a harsh but sweet taste of cream at the inhale that really develops into a good aftertaste of watermelon with koolada at the exhale.

RDA/RDTA = Expect the same taste here as above.


*100 ml for 4,000 PKR from VapeZonePk*

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Final Thoughts on Watermelon Cream by VapeZonePk

Throat Hit: 6/10 – 3 mg shouldn’t be harsh and with the addition of cream the harshness should be nigh unnoticeable.

Flavor Accuracy: 7/10 – “An epic collision of juicy watermelons and fresh cream.” Like I said above, I dont care much for watermelon but for those that do; lemme say this. It does have a watermelon taste but nowhere near epic levels but fairly decent. The sweet cream in there fails to tone down the harshness which incidentally the koolada fails to do as well. Last but not least there is some sort of vanilla flavoring in this which is very light and pretty much unnoticeable unless you look for it.

Go for it: If you want a watermelon flavor, .

This flavor isn’t all that great at lower watts but for watermelon lovers this might be what you like at higher watts. I wish there was less harshness so the flavor was smoother but seeing as this is just the start of VapeZonePk it can be forgiven as the flavor isnt bad. Well, there you have it. If you have any feedback then please leave a comment below.


“I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for Watermelon Cream by VapeZonePk which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping.”