NKTR Guava

NKTR Guava by SQN from BigCloudVaping

Guava is not a popular fruit flavor. Maybe because it is not as common in the US and it is here because the amrood craze here is all to real. Who hasnt bought diced guava from the amrood wala outside their school gates and other than that guava is also a staple in fruit chaats (Yes, I spell it with two A’s as it is supposed to be spelled.) which will be an almost regular iftar dish in my house at least. Anyway, the last guava flavor I had was from Vape Pakistan and it was called PKtun which, funny name aside, was absolutely amazing. So, how does a US flavor taste in comparison to our very own local blends? Lets find out in the review but before we begin there is one unique fact about the SQN line of flavors which is that they dont use tobacco derived nicotine. Here is an excerpt from their website: “Each SQN flavor is exclusively made with TFN® Nicotine. TFN® Nicotine is created in a state-of-the-art laboratory and is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust.

 Testing setups

*NKTR Guava by SQN from BigCloudVaping – 3 mg*

*RDA with Dual Juggernaut wire coils 0.22 ohms*

*RDA with dual clapton wire coils 0.5 ohms*

*RTA with single clapton coil 0.8 ohms*

   Lower watts (Below 4v)

For those of you on a: 

RTA = Expect a slightly taste of guava mango mix. Odd, I know.

RDA/RDTA =  Expect nothing but an after taste of what could be guava nectar.

Conclusion: The RDAs failed to produce any proper flavor below 4v.

Higher watts (Above 4v)

For those of you on a: 

RTA = Expect to be confused because the flavor fluctuates between a mango and guava taste. Feels like a sort of mix of the two.

RDA/RDTA = Expect a citrus flavor note that might or might feel like mango to you followed by an aftertaste of guava.

Conclusion: More flavorful at this range but tis unfortunate that the main flavor wasnt a primary feature.

nktr guava


*30 ml for 2,000 PKR from BigCloudVaping*

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Final Thoughts on NKTR Guava by SQN from BigCloudVaping

Throat Hit : The higher the score, the smoother the flavor.

8/10 – The citrus component can make some inhales harsher.

Flavor Accuracy: A high score here means that the flavor matches the manufacturer’s flavor description. Basically if it says its mango cream and tastes like mango cream then it gets a 10.

4/10 – “Guava’s bright and unique tropical flavor will leave your mouth watering from the first inhale to the very last exhale.” Guava wasnt the primary flavor I got when vaping this flavor. To call this flavor guava nectar would be inaccurate in my book because vape pakistan’s PKtun shows us what guava nectar tastes like. That said there is a somewhat guava after taste in it but in all setups in remained just that i.e. an aftertaste instead of the star in whose name the flavor is……..named.

Go for it: If you like fruit type flavors, If you want a fruit flavor that wont kill your coil as fast as malaysian flavors do.

In conclusion I will say this. It is definitely not as tasty or accurate as malaysian fruit flavors but it is tasty in its own way plus it wont kill your coils as fast as malaysian flavors generally do.



“I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for NKTR Guava by SQN from BigCloudVaping which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping.”