Study: Vapor doesn’t promote the growth of cancer cells, but cigarette smoke does!

Vapors will be glad to know that another study has been published which further rubbishes claims by smokers and anti-vaping groups that the vapor emitted is as dangerous if not more than cigarette smoke. I personally have had instances where random people have come up to me and said that vapor is more dangerous because of how much is produced. Facepalm aside, we can now use this study to back our claims.

The study was conducted by British American Tobacco (BAT), and was published in the journal Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis. Testing, however, was done by BioReliance Corp., a high-tech biological safety testing provider (that is what I found out through google anyway). I also found out that this study is part of a larger group of studies aimed at cigarettes, vapor and heatnotburn products like the IQOS. These devices are an attempt by tobacco companies to jump on the vaping bandwagon by introducing devices that emulate smoking by heating the tobacco instead of burning it. I know, I know, you will still be using tobacco and that cant be safe right? Well, the tobacco companies arent saying its safe as well because that would open up a whole can of worms for them legally.

If you want a tagline to use when sharing this then here you go: “e-cigarette ACM did not have any promoter activity.”

To read the Study in detail click here.