US Scientists say vaping doesn’t affect air quality in homes!

Another day and another study. This time the study looks at another area of contention for vapers i.e. whether vapor affects the quality of air in their homes or offices. This is particularly important for those that worry if their vaping habit can cause harm via second hand exposure. Recently articles have come out after the US Surgeon General’s wildly inaccurate and unprofessional sharing of a study which said parents should not vape at home because the vapor can be dangerous like cigarette smoke. If you delved deeper into the study then you would have found out that the study was in fact not based on anything but a poll. In retrospect even calling the report a ‘study’ seemed far fetched.

Well, US Scientists in the state of California recently published a study that sought to illuminate the common causes of air quality deterioration in homes and the results are a boon to vapers everywhere. Here is what the authors of the study had to say about vaping affecting the quality of air in home: “We observed no apparent difference in the weekly mean particle distribution between 43 homes reporting any electronic cigarette usage and those reporting none,” . There you have it, share it with the world or at least those friends of yours that are too lazy to do the research themselves. But wait, there’s more! What were the main causes of airborne particles in homes? Cigarette smoke was the major source but cleaning products, candles, frying food and smoking pot were also found to be significant sources of in-home air polluters.

To read the study click here.