Cookies & Creame by Chinggey – Review

I dont like cookies and cream flavors that much. I am more of a dessert guy than bakery if we consider the sweet categories. Anyway, Cookies and Creame by Chinggey should be a no brainer regarding the flavor accuracy test. If it tastes like its name says it should then we have no issue. As of now Chinggey has impressed me once with Vanilla Milkshake and disappointed me a lot with Butterscotch Doughnut so this flavor can break the draw and tell us how good chinggey is in making flavors.

Vanilla Milkshake by Chinggey

 Testing setups

*Cookies & Creame by Chinggey from Rockstar Vapor Co – 3 mg*

*RDA with Dual coils*

*RDA with Single coil*

*RTA with Single coil*

*RTA with Dual coils*

All setups use Rayon as I find that gives a cleaner taste with a short break in time.

Coils are everything from 26g standard to fancy juggernauts.

Lower watts (Below 4v)

For those of you on a: 

RTA = Expect a non sweet mild cookie that leaves a creamy after taste.

RDA/RDTA = Expect taste of cookie batter with mild sweet cream.

Conclusion: No harshness at lower watts. The cookie flavor warps on different setups but the cream finish stays the same.

Higher watts (Above 4v)

For those of you on a: 

RTA = Expect the taste of mildly sweet cookies and a nice creamy finish.

RDA/RDTA = Expect a somewhat harsh but sweet taste of cookie batter and cream. The cream is nicely done.

Conclusion: Only harshness I felt was on the dual coil rda. The smaller chamber of the rta managed to coax out or dampen the flavor to the point where you get a taste of cookies unlike the rdas where it felt more like cookie batter.



*60 ml for 1,900 PKR from Rockstar Vapor Co*

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Final Thoughts on Cookies & Creame by Chinggey

Throat Hit : The higher the score, the smoother the flavor.

08/10 – Unless you try it with fancy coils on your rda harshness wont be an issue.

Flavor Accuracy: A high score here means that the flavor’s taste matches the manufacturer’s claimed flavor description. Basically if it says its mango cream and tastes like mango cream then it gets a 10.

09/10 – “American flavours, Malaysian blend. Enough said. Malaysia’s best creamy and desert flavor line!” Same old line. Lets go with Cookies and cream being the claim instead. Do I taste cookies and cream? Yes, there is no doubt about it but it doesnt rank high in my list of cookies and cream flavors. A more prominent baked cookie taste would have been preferable but that probably would have increased the harshness. Cookie lovers might not like the lowered tone of the cookie.

Go for it: If you like bakery flavors, If you like cookie based flavors.

Do keep in mind that flavors such as these will kill your coils faster. It isnt that sweet but the flavor is dark in color and darker liquids arent coil friendly.

cookies creame by chinggey


“I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion for Cookies & Creameby Chinggey from Rockstar Vapor which should be taken for what it is i.e. ‘an opinion’ as taste is subjective. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping.”