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Artisan Vapor Pakistan gets Distributorship of Multiple US Brands

A while back the Pakistan Vaping Community (PVC) on Facebook was surprised by an ‘exclusive distributorship’ post by Artisan Vapor Company Pakistan (AVCP) for multiple US brands. A few images claiming exclusive distributorship were posted which prompted cries for proof. Images of certificates were produced and satisfied many but not all. A vendor even went as so far as to contact the company of a line in contention and procured a certificate of authenticity for themselves. The issue of authenticity aside, the exclusive distributorship claim was the most bold one and the one that needed backing up with solid evidence.
AVCP finally contacted me with a message for PVC from the Artisan Vapor Company CEO, Further certificates and distributorship agreements for exclusivity.

The Pakistan Vaping Community.
Since our inception, Artisan Vapor Company has strived to follow the highest levels of professionalism and business
practices within the Vaping world. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the same values be instilled in Artisan Vapor
Pakistan and the rest of our regional offices worldwide.
At AVC Pakistan, we have taken our commitment to evolve our local industry a step further by opting to offer Exclusive
Distribution in Pakistan for the following products:
– Drip Factor (from Gilla)
– ADE (from Mad Hatter)
– Mr. Macron (from Mad Hatter)
– Burst (from ARC)
– Bazooka (from Kilo)
– Bazooka Ice (from Kilo)
– White Series (from Kilo)
– Black Series (from Kilo)
– Mo Series (from Kilo)
– Naked 100 (from Schwartz)
– Jam Monster (from fresh juice co.)
– SVRF (from Saveur Vape)
Our intension to announce this was never to malign or discredit any local retailer or wholesaler, rather we did so to
welcome everyone to work with us on these brands. At AVC Pakistan, our core motivation has been to strengthen our
local vaping industry alongside wholesalers, retailers and customers and help curtail practices that can hurt our
collective growth.
In the current scenario, any non-authorized seller can jeopardize our businesses and cause both brand and financial
harm. We would like to curtail that as quickly as possible for all local operators and encourage everyone with
confidence that when it comes to specifically these brands AVC Pakistan is the only distributor to deal with on price
and product from here onwards.
If we work together, everyone will benefit, because our offering of these juices and more in the future are not limited
to only Artisan Vapor Stores rather open to all interested. Our next step is to introduce new standardized retail pricing
for all these brands and we will reach out to wholesalers with new numbers for review and utility.
AVC Pakistan assures you that we will bring down the full extent of the law on anyone who violates our distribution
right(s) for Pakistan and in doing so secure everyone who choose to work and grow with us. Our team hopes this
relationship will be strong and mutually beneficial.
Sincere Regards,

Other than for ARC liquids, there is however no mention of the products needing any AVC sticker so Artisan should (don’t know if they will) wholesale those brands without the stickers. That could change however if AVC has a talk with the companies involved.
What does this mean? Simply put, the flavor lines in contention have to be purchased from Artisan and they have the right to sue anyone selling the lines without buying from them. In fact some of the agreements have promised not to entertain orders from Pakistan and for vendors to get their stock from Artisan. As far as I can tell and from my investigations, this is legit.
While this may not be a big issue for customers since the prices should be stable throughout the market, the vendors stocking these lines will have to decide what to do.
To the vendors that do not like this step by AVC. It is done, the agreements have been made, the ink has dried and there is nothing anyone can do about it short of complaining to the companies themselves or throwing a fit of frustration.
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