AL85 Review

Smok AL85 Kit – Review


The Alien Mod by Smok was a huge hit and why wouldnt it be since it looked much better while still being as powerful as the previous favourite mod i.e. Rx 200. It stands to reason that Smok would want to capitalize on the Alien’s fame by launching more iterations or variations. That is how the Smok AL85 Kit also known as the Alien Mini kit came about. The kit unlike the Alien is aimed mostly at new vapers in my opinion since a veteran vapor will be more likely to splurge on a more powerful device and tank. That is not is not to say that veteran vapers wont want this since many also prefer keeping a single battery mod around to use when out and about but that this device will primarily be bought by those people who want a low cost device that can chuck clouds i.e. Sheesha users and/or cloud chasers.


AL85 Review AL85 Review AL85 Review AL85 Review AL85 Review

Nice touch having the box contain a bag of Silica gel to prevent moisture from building up in the box and ruining the mod. The mod is packed very snugly and didnt drop out when I overturned the box to check. Underneath the first layer is another compartment containing the TFV8 Baby beast tank, a spare coil, some booklets, USB cable and Spare O rings.


Right, so the first thing to do here after the unboxing, or before if you want, is to check the authenticity of the kit via the scratch code.

AL85 Review

Product Features:
  • 1 to 85W Wattage Output
    • 0.35 to 8.0V Output
    • 0.1 to 3.00 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Temperature Control Suite
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • Stainless Steel Support
    • Adjustable Initial Resistance
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Output Range
    • 0.06 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Extra Large OLED Screen
    • Four Row and Three Column Display
      • Incredible Data Feedback for Size
    • Output Wattage or Temperature
    • Output Voltage
    • Output Timer
    • Mode and Heating Element
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • PCB Temperature
    • Puff Counter
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Amperage Output
  • Top Loaded Threaded Battery Cap
    • Intuitive Utilization of Space
    • Accepts One High Amperage 18650 Battery
      • Sold Separately
  • Innovative and Ergonomic Firing Mechanism
    • Comfortable and Easy to Use
    • Squeeze to Fire Operation
  • Rocker Adjustment Switch
  • Color : 17 colors Available

Product Specifications:

  • 71mm by 48mm by 27mm

TFV8 Baby Beast Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Hinge and Lock Top Fill System
    • Swivels Open and Shut
    • Fill Port
  • 3.0ml Max Capacity
  • 30% Smaller Chassis
    • As Compared to the TFV8
  • SMOKtech Baby Turbo Coil Family
    • V8 Baby Q2 Coil Head
      • 0.4 ohm
      • Dual Coil
      • 40 to 80W Range
      • 55 to 65W Recommended Range
    • V8 Baby Q2 0.6 ohm Coil Head
      • 0.6 ohm
      • 20 to 50W
      • 30 to 40W Recommended Range
  • Dual Adjustable 13mm by 2mm Airslots
  • 8.5mm Delrin Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

Product Includes:

  • One SMOK AL85 Box Mod
  • One SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One V8 Baby Q2
    • 0.4 ohm
  • One V8 Baby Q2
    • 0.6 ohm
  • Micro USB Charging and Upgrade Cable
  • User Manual
  • Spare Parts
AL85 Review
17 color combos to choose from.
Comparison with the Pico

AL85 Review AL85 Review AL85 Review AL85 Review AL85 ReviewAL85 Review

Right away you can see that the AL 85 is bigger than the Pico but then again you get 10w of extra power as well. The charging ports are located at the same position for both devices as well as the firing buttons but while the Pico has a small silver fire button near the top; the AL85 goes for a trigger style firing button that in my opinion feels more satisfying in using. You can miss catching the button on the Pico but the huge trigger button on the AL85 is hard to miss and that nets it points.

AL85 ReviewAL85 Review

The screen of the AL85 is located on the front as compared to the Pico which has it on the side. The AL85 has a much bigger screen as well which allows it to display much more information as well as being is easier to view. The small screen of the Pico just cant compare to the Al85 display. Points go to AL85 here.

Another plus point about the AL85 for me is that it has the rocker buttons on the front just below the display. This is much better than the odd location chosen by Pico where they placed it under the mod. That aside, the AL85 has a better ergonomic feel to it because of its size and it is easier to grip as well which for me was an issue with the Pico with its smooth metallic body. they both use single high amp 18650 batteries and have the same battery cap location. The weight difference is minimal and for e and it will all come to this. If the differences dont bother you then get the Pico for its size and the AL85 for everything else.

Winner : AL85

The Smok AL85 Mod

For ease of reference I am going to address the key aspects on the mod in sections.


Taking its cue from the very successful Alien mod from smok, the AL85 has emulated the look, design and feel of its predecessor. Let me address a common complain I saw a few members making on the Pakistan Vaping Community about the Alien mod. Paint Chipping, it hasnt happened yet with the AL85 and I have been using the mod daily which still hasnt led to any sort of paint chipping issue yet. However, like the Alien there is a fix/preventive measure for the issue should it ever rise i.e. get a rubber sleeve for the mod.

AL85 Review

The battery door is just like the pico mod. You unscrew the cap and insert the high amp 18650 battery. It wont fire if you insert it the wrong way; the right way being the negative side facing up.

Display & Settings

AL85 Review

As discussed in the Pico comparison, the display is large enough to output all the information you might need when using the Mod. The battery indicator at the upper right is what we are seeing in most new mods and a good addition.  The other indicators mostly stay static except for Volt, Amps and the Puff timer. The display also features the PCB temperature to show you how hot the device is running although you can pretty much guess that from how hot it feels in your hand.


AL85 Review

Like the name says, the device can put out 85w of power on a single high amp 18650 battery. How long can the mod go on a single battery? I managed to keep vaping at 50 odd watts until the battery indicator was almost empty. It should last you a whole day with on and off vaping at around 40 or so watts but for someone like me, and extra 18650 battery comes in handy but dont fret if you dont have an extra battery as you can charge via the USB port on the side, still, its a shame the mod doesnt feature quick charging. Ill take this moment to talk about how hot the device can run with the baby beast tank, I managed to run the temp up to 69 degrees and the device still didnt initiate the heat protection feature. The device and tank did get too hot to hold and I would have stopped vaping long before the temp reached that high but for this review which would be the same case for you.

AL85 Review

You can access the settings by clicking the fire trigger 03 times in quick succession. You choose an option by long clicking the fire trigger and when you choose your final option, you end up back to the default screen with all the wattage info and all that. All standard bells and whistles are there like Temperature control (Ni200, Ti and SS) with Soft, Normal and Hard power settings for wattage mode. The soft mode lowers the amps so the hit is smoother, Normal fires it at the usual range while Hard takes the amps to the maximum it can go to on that particular build. I did notice the difference in hits while using these settings but used the Normal setting the most  The one thing missing which can be a minus for you is the lack of Preheat function.

Smok Baby Beast Tank

The Smok Baby Beast is the Sub Ohm tank you get bundled with the kit.

Appearance/Build Quality

The baby beast is based on the TFV8 tank but around 30% smaller and has a 3ML juice capacity (There is also a version with 2ML capacity being sold in the EU regions). If you think the capacity is too less then the original i.e. TFV8 would suit your tastes better since performance wise there is no difference. The top cap doesnt unscrew off but rather swivels out to allow you to fill the tank and this particular feature is shared by other Smok RTAs as well. Makes sense for the baby beast to sport it as well seeing as how the feature was widely loved by users who found it to cumbersome to unscrew the tank each time they wanted to refill it. You get different colored O rings in the kit so you can change them according to your preference.

The tank is very well made and you can tell that if you closely inspect it. Well machined and no taste of machine oil when I first vaped it which is a common complaint amount RTAs and RDAs. There was however one issue that gave me a good amount of grief when I first tried to use the tank. The airflow control was stuck, and by stuck I mean jammed, and by jammed I mean I had to take a flat tip screw driver, wedge it in the airflow and pry it open. Even after that the airflow remained stuck until just recently when it suddenly started being able to move again. I have heard about this issue from another vendor as well but like me he agrees that the issue isnt a fatal flaw for the tank, it can be fixed, more than likely you wont suffer the same issue and the tank is just amazing in its own right to make this issue something that would make me discourage you from getting this tank. Most likely, I got a piece with a stuck airflow ring to put it simply.


First the refilling aspect, you dont need to close the airflow and perform such maneuvers when refilling as the tank doesnt leak. Simply slide out the top cap, fill to the brim and close the top cap, it is as simple and easy as that. Now the tank does the name justice because it performed marvelously with great clouds and flavor on every inhale. Honestly, it made me forget how I was burned by the last sub ohm tank I owned (damned Ultimo) and I found myself placing an order for more coils so I can keep using this tank. The 0.4 ohm coil was the first one I tried and my words of praise mostly stem from the performance of that particular coil head. The 0.6ohm coil isnt for me, I prefer taking long airy drags to really fill the lungs with vapor and get good flavor every time. With the 0.6ohm coil I wasnt able to do that and instead had to limit myself to controlled slow drags which although, worked perfectly, just wasnt impressive for me. There are a variety of coil options available for this tank and they cost around 400rs to 450rs in the local market but you can get a pack of 5 for around $11 from facttech if you dont mind the long shipping times.


Smok AL85 mod


  • Big, easily visible screen
  • Product finish
  • Color choice
  • High quality 510 connector
  • Small, compact yet powerful
  • 25mm tanks dont have an overhang


  • Might not be upgraded
  • No Pre-heat Function
  • No fast charging

Smok Baby Beast


  • Great flavor and vapor
  • Coil break in period is very short
  • Airy airflow
  • No leaking issue


  • Heats up very quickly when chain vaping
  • Only holds 3ml of Juice (To be fair this isnt really a con because this tank was meant to be a smaller version of the TFV8)

PKR 7,000 to 7,700 from Artisan Vapor Pakistan

PKR 7,400 from Elite

Conclusion on the SMOK AL85 kit

I have heard of QC issues with the Alien 220w mod but to be fair I have also heard of people who happily use theirs without any problem. In the end it is an electronic item and they can pretty much crap out anytime although I have yet to have any of my mods die on me yet and some of the ones I have are 2 years to 3 years old! The Smok AL85 kit in my opinion is a winner. I found no issues in the performance in both the mod and the tank (other than the stuck airflow ring). I would recommend this kit wholeheartedly to anyone wants a compact kit capable of producing good amounts of vapor. Sheesha smokers looking to quit will love this device straight away in fact.smok al85

“I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion/review for the Smok AL85. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, Use authentic Mooch recommended batteries and chargers, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping.” 


  1. Don’t trust them. They just did that to gain trust. They are giving pathetic service. I ordered this kot from them after seeing your review and after placing order its been 5 days they have not delivered the mod nor the guy takes my calls. Whenever i get in touch with him through various numbers he says that he has courriered it and i will get it tomorrow. He is not providing me with the tracking number. So yes they are fraud. Do not trust them.

    1. Hmm, very worrying. I have removed them from the vendor list and added them to the list of vendors to avoid. Thank you for bringing the matter to my attention. Furthermore, I have removed their names and links from the review to prevent another incident such as yours from occurring.

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