The Pakistani Vaper Line (TPV line) Announcement

Zophie Vapes, Mike Vapes, Pbusardo, Riptrippers, I’m sure most of you have heard of these famous vapers and reviewers. They all have two things in common i.e. they review flavors/gear and they all have their own juice line. Well, now The Pakistani Vaper joins the list as the first Pakistani Reviewer with their own line (The Pakistani Vaper Line or TPV Line for short) although to be fair the list of reviewers is not that big anyway. Now, I can say all the stuff that vendors spout about their flavors and whatnot but I wont. Why? Simple, I did this to get my name out there instead of monetary consideration so the success of the flavors will translate hopefully to more website hits and validation of my skills as a flavor reviewer. The choice is yours regarding the purchase of the The Pakistani Vaper line but I can guarantee that the flavors I developed are unique, complex and tasty based on my years of experience reviewing and vaping a wide variety of flavors. I have written 60 or so reviews since I started writing as The Pakistani Vaper (and a few more before that) which have been very favorably received hence, using all that experience, I had flavors developed that subjectively hit all the right marks.

The whole line is named using legal terminologies because of my profession and the need to deviate from the trend of common naming practices as well as the fact that they have a meaning that matches the flavor.


Where to buy The Pakistani Vaper Line from:

White Mist Co

Vape Therapy outlets


10ml – Rs 400/-

30ml – Rs 1,100/-

60ml – Rs 2,600/-

120ml – Rs 3,600-

120ml x 2 – Rs 6,800/-

You can use the TPV10 code to get 10% off on 10ml-60ml bottles.




The breakfast you earned even if it’s not the breakfast you deserve. Enjoy the sweet taste of bananas with the warm embrace of a waffle.

The idea came to me after I vaped cereal flavors and banana based flavors. Why doesn’t anyone bother making a smooth banana based breakfast vape? Getting the banana smooth yet strong enough not to let the warm waffle overpower it was tricky but with time it was done .

Quantum translates to “What one has earned.” After vaping so many flavors and suffering through the harshness before I had this flavor cooked up, I felt I earned the smooth and tasty hit of bananas and waffles. Quantum, you earned this.



The Pakistani Vaper Line

A cool, smooth and tangy experience of tropical & citrus fruits that leaves you craving for more.

Developed after I fell in love with passion fruit after my trip to the Maldives and after I vaped a lot of Hawaiian POG. I wanted to make a flavor that was cool, smooth and gave you a nice taste of passion fruit along with some other flavors to make it pop.

We all know what defamation means. I chose the name because I felt I was defaming Hawaiian POG when I made this flavor seeing as POG is one of my favorite flavors from the naked 100 line.



An addictive taste of blueberry crumble that creates a craving only another hit can satisfy.

After vaping kilo flavors like honey creme and flavors like boss reserve I wanted to make a dessert flavor that was smooth for everyone and had nice thick flavorful tones. PITA to make this one fyi.

Mala Fide translates to “In Bad Faith.” The name seemed apt because I couldnt stop vaping the flavor until I had finished the bottle.



Joining the ranks of great yogurt flavors this berry based yogurt has serious ADV power.

If you have every tasted Snozzberry yogurt ice cream then know that this similar if not the exact same. The flavor is my attempt to find a yogurt based flavor that can beat the likes of Cloud Candy and Angel Food both of which are yogurt based blends from Whitemist and which I consider amazing.

Acting on its own cognizance is what Suo Moto means and in light of the recent political climate in the country I am sure this a term every layman is familiar with. I used this term because finding trying to top a best selling flavor from their own line is usually what any vendor would try to do and before whitemist could get around to it, I took it upon myself to accept that challenge.



A smooth yet lethal combo of green apple and papaya that will surprise and render you speechless.

Development on this began after I vaped flavors like Amazing mango from Naked 100 finding them very harsh to enjoy. I began wondering if it was possible to make a flavor with dominant notes of primarily harsh fruit flavorings and have it come out smooth and enjoyable. It wasnt easy and a lot of juice was wasted but I was proud of the end result as I am not an apple fan but I could not put this mouth watering flavor down.

You probably know what Veto means especially if you followed the UN proposals in recent times. This name seemed perfect because both these flavors can be very harsh but with whitemist’s help I managed to make the flavor smooth without loosing any of the fruity tones that define it. To put it bluntly, this is my Veto against all the fruity flavors that do not manage to stay smooth while vaping.



This berry and kiwi combo tastes like candy for some and fruit for others. We say it’s smooth and amazing enough to be both.

This is a fluke find to be honest. After tasting strawberry kiwi combos by the dozen I was wondering how a proper berry mix with kiwi would fare. It turned out wonderful but to be honest confused me a lot to what it is. It tastes fruity and flavorful to classify as a fruit flavor but at the same time the unique tone and sweetness can make it taste like a candy based flavor depending on the setup you are vaping on. Nevertheless it rapidly became a favorite of mine and of the people at Whitemist HQ.

Perjury means the act of willfully lying under oath. Why did it seem perfect to name this flavor Perjury? Simply because of the confusion I faced in deciding what the flavor was. Candy or fruit? I spent hours mulling it over while vaping it in different setups before deciding it can be both although depending on who you ask they might call you out with a difference in opinion as taste is subjective after all. Think the blue black and white gold dress craze that hit the internet last year or so.

I might work on further descriptions for The Pakistani Vaper Line flavors that will be hyperlinked their respective names to further explain the intent and process behind each flavor.