Blood Sukka by Vampire Vapes

Blood Sukka by Vampire Vapes

True to its name the flavor Blood Sukka by Vampire Vapes utilizes food coloring, I am purely guessing, to attain that red color. Makes sense that a company called VAMPIRE vapes would have a flavor paying homage to the only source of the undead’s nourishment. That being said I doubt any blood they forcefully suck from their victims would be laced with menthol; drugs maybe if they were unlucky enough to grab a junkie. Anyway, I digress so lets go see if Blood Sukka is any good or sucks as hard as you guys do when you try to forcefully saturate your coils by sucking with the airflow closed on your subohm tanks.

Testing setups

*Blood Sukka by Vampire Vapes – 3 mg*

RDAs with a single and dual coils. 

All setups use Rayon as I find that gives a cleaner taste with a short break in time.

Coils are everything from standard coils to fancy fused clapton coils and when possible Coils by Afzal Hanif.

Lower watts (Below 4v)

Oh wow, not bad at all at lower watts. You guys can definitely suck on this all day. Notes of aniseed (which feels sorta like saunf to be honest), a hint of cherry and general fruitiness all around. Great stuff.

Higher watts (Above 4v)

Menthol stays nice and tolerable while the aniseed racks up the intensity to make its presence hard to ignore. The flavor mirrors the experience I got at lower watts buuuuuut more often than not the aniseed, menthol and cherry combo become strong enough to make this taste like……………those red colored strepsils. Not joking.

Blood Sukka by Vampire Vapes

Overall Impressions

So, boys and girls, the lesson here is that this flavor is pleasant at lower ranges but sucks at higher ranges. Wait WHAT!? Ok, ok let me put it to you this way. Who the HELL would like to vape those awful red strepsils. In fact the only reason you even bought those were because the shop was out of lemon strepsils leaving you cursing the shopkeeper, the company that decided on that horrible flavor and whatever virus gave you that sore throat to begin with. Probably should have gone to the doctor and gotten some anti-viral meds rather than sucking on those red lozenges.
Still, some of you might like the flavor on all ranges. Depending on your setup the flavor can be very pleasant. Ill stick to the lower ranges while vaping this or maybe store it for those days when Im suffering from a sore throat.


PKR 2,500 for 60ml is the expected price. Elite will be launching these flavors in a week or so.

*Like* their facebook page to keep informed.

Nicotine Ratios

In case some of you are new and dont know what nicotine strength to get just go through the list below and decide. Not every flavor is available in every nicotine strength however and the best way to find out is to ask the vendor. This list will be present in every review from now on regardless of whether or not that flavor comes in the listed strengths. The strengths do not mean MG per bottle but rather MG per ML.

  • None = 0 mg.
  • Very Smooth = 1.5mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Soft = 3mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Light = 6mg is approx equivalent to smoking 10 light cigarettes a day.
  • Medium = 12mg is where MTL territory starts and this strength is best for a half a pack – a pack a day smokers.
  • Strong = 18mg should be used by people who find 12mg too less or who smoked a pack of hard cigarettes a day.
  • Very Strong = 24mg is not usually available in the market but some local blenders might make a custom strength flavor for you on request. Bear in mind this is a very high level of nicotine and usually 18mg does the trick. In case you are wondering, this is best for chain smokers and/or those that smoke a couple of packs a day of hard cigarettes.

Final Thoughts on BloodSukka by Vampire Vapes

Throat Hit : The higher the score, the smoother the flavor.

10/10 – Perfect.

Flavor Accuracy: A high score here means that the flavor’s taste matches the manufacturer’s claimed flavor description. Basically if it says its mango cream and tastes like mango cream then it gets a 10.

09/10 – “Blood Sukka comes with one hell of a bite, a combination of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol ” Eucalyptus? Why would you put that in a flavor? Thats the shit Koalas eat as far as I recall. In fact I think you can even find shampoos or fancy creams with eucalyptus as an ingredient. Well, whatever, I dont know how it tastes nor do I know any koalas otherwise I would have found out. Everything else is there but Ill still shave off a point because…..eucalyptus and red strepsils.

Menthol: Rating of menthol levels in menthol flavors. A rating of 10 means very high and 1 means a slight hint of menthol.

06/10 – A mid range menthol kick that will suit anyone.

Go for it: If you like a flavor that tastes like red strepsils, If you like cherry based flavors, If you like menthol flavors.

I was given Blood Sukka by Vampire Vapes from Elite for the purposes of this review. The views expressed above are my own and based on my personal experience and knowledge accumulated over the years I have spent vaping. They are to be taken as it is i.e. an opinion and do not represent anything else. As always remember taste is subjective and please practice safe vaping.