Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman

Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman

Over the past week or so Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman has seen a huge surge in popularity and curiosity not only due to our undying love for Mangos (Pakistani Mangos are the best in the world after all) but for the fact that when it was first launched here the price point was insane. Rs. 3,400 for 100ml was unheard of and fueled curiosity and expectations especially if you coupled it with the sudden increase of handchecks and tablechecks where the flavor was present. I didnt agree with the price point so I had a relative bring me a bottle from the US and it ended up costing me a few rupees short of Rs. 1,800 for 100ml which was a great deal. I was going to wait a bit before reviewing this flavor but seeing how eager people are for a review and now that a few vendors have started stocking it for reasonable prices, it is time for me to review it for you guys. Before we begin let me just say, Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman is a collaborative effort by Madhatter juice and Milkman e-liquids that someone told me was a limited edition flavor but I doubt that very much especially if the flavor sells very well.

Testing setups

*Mango Milk by I Love the Milkman – 3 mg*

RDAs with a single and dual coils.

All setups use Rayon as I find that gives a cleaner taste with a short break in time.

Coils are everything from standard coils to fancy fused clapton coils and when possible Coils by Afzal Hanif.

Lower watts (Below 4v)

A sweet chausa like mango with maybe a hint of creaminess.

Higher watts (Above 4v)

High levels of sweet mango that doesnt allow any level of milk or cream flavor to come through; think sweet mango without any harshness. 

Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman

Overall Impressions

I struggled to find the wow factor in this flavor. It is a great mango flavor, no question about that, but is it deserving of all the hype? The thing is, hype can raise expectations to an unrealistic level leading to what may ultimately be disappointment. Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman is a very hyped up flavor that only offers you a very sweet taste of amazing mangos but any milk or cream in there is unnoticeable due to the overpowering mango. My guess is the latter flavoring was used to overcome the harshness that mango flavorings have. Malaysians use copious sweetness and menthol, Madhatter and Milkman just used a milk base along with sweetener instead. Mango lovers will definitely love this if they can get over the no menthol aspect since many Malaysian mango lovers have come to love that icy sweet mango blast over the years. Lastly we come to the gunk, in my experience a flavor as sweet as this will gunk your coils as sure as a Pakistani fielder drops a catch. Will I buy this flavor again? Honestly I doubt it, there is nothing much this flavor offers other than a plain sweet mango vape. In fact I am appalled it was being sold for Rs. 3,400! You will not get a Rs 3,400 experience vaping this, BigVaporPK thankfully has the right idea with its stellar price.


PKR 2,500 for 100ml from BigVaporPK

PKR 2,900 for 100ml from Clouded Judgement

PKR 3,400 for 100ml from Rockstar Vapor 


Nicotine Ratios

In case some of you are new and dont know what nicotine strength to get just go through the list below and decide. Not every flavor is available in every nicotine strength however and the best way to find out is to ask the vendor. This list will be present in every review from now on regardless of whether or not that flavor comes in the listed strengths. The strengths do not mean MG per bottle but rather MG per ML.

  • None = 0 mg.
  • Very Smooth = 1.5mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Soft = 3mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Light = 6mg is approx equivalent to smoking 10 light cigarettes a day.
  • Medium = 12mg is where MTL territory starts and this strength is best for a half a pack – a pack a day smokers.
  • Strong = 18mg should be used by people who find 12mg too less or who smoked a pack of hard cigarettes a day.
  • Very Strong = 24mg is not usually available in the market but some local blenders might make a custom strength flavor for you on request. Bear in mind this is a very high level of nicotine and usually 18mg does the trick. In case you are wondering, this is best for chain smokers and/or those that smoke a couple of packs a day of hard cigarettes.

Final Thoughts on Mango Milk by I Love The Milkman

Throat Hit: The higher the score, the smoother the flavor.

10/10 – Perfect.

Flavor Accuracy: A high score here means that the flavor’s taste matches the manufacturer’s claimed flavor description. Basically if it says its mango cream and tastes like mango cream then it gets a 10.

08/10 – ” Mango Milk takes a sweet, classic milk base and swirls in tangy, ripe mango for a tropical treat like no other. Each vape provides you with the island-inspired flavor you’re looking for, balanced and smoothed out with silky, creamy milk.” Two points knocked off because of the lack of milk taste of any sort. What we get instead is a straight up juicy mango that is great on its own right but doesnt exactly deserve the name Mango MILK! 

Menthol: Rating of menthol levels in menthol flavors. A rating of 10 means very high and 1 means a slight hint of menthol.

-/10 – Not a menthol flavor.

Go for it: If you like sweet flavors. If you like mango flavors.

The views expressed above are my own and based on my personal experience and knowledge accumulated over the years I have spent vaping. They are to be taken as it is i.e. an opinion and do not represent anything else. As always remember taste is subjective and please practice safe vaping.