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IVG Flavors from Elite (Part 2) – Review

Part 2 of the IVG flavor review courtesy of flavors provided by Elite who has exclusive distributorship of the brand in Pakistan meaning they are the place where other vendors will have to turn to in order to get their stock of IVG flavors. In this review we will review Rainbow Lollipop, Caramel Lollipop, Spearmint and Kiwi Lemon Kool.

Testing setups

*3 mg Nicotine Strength*

RDAs/RTAs with a single and dual coils.

All setups use Rayon as I find that gives a cleaner taste with a short break in time.

Coils are everything from standard coils to fancy fused clapton coils and when possible Coils by Afzal Hanif.

Rainbow Lollipop

IVG Rainbow Lollipop

“Classic candy fused with a delicious lollipop base.”

Rainbow Lollipop from IVG is a flavor from the IVG Pops (another word for lollipops) lineup. It tastes like a cross between a standard cereal flavor without any notes of cinnamon and some heavy notes of lime that is sweet enough to taste sort of candy-ish. Lower wattages tend to bring out more of the lemon/lime notes though it still tastes sweet. Higher ranges bring out more of that fruit loops type fruit candy notes. I guess that is what they mean when they say rainbow flavor. I wont recommend this flavor to those vapers that hate flavors based on fruit loop cereals as it tastes a lot like that but more candyish and sweeter sans cinnamon. 

Price: PKR 2,300 for 60 ml from Elite (use ‘PVC10’ when buying online to get 10% off – PKR 2,070/-)


IVG Spearmint

“Fresh punch of spearmint to tantalize your senses with a hint of bubblegum.”

I expected Spearmint to be a part of the IVG menthol lineup but there it is, IVG Sweets oddly enough. I never like these plain flavors, I mean, why would you want to vape spearmint? Dont you get your fill of spearmint from the countless chewing gums or toothpaste for that matter. Anyway its spearmint *gasp* but low on the menthol and with a decent amount of sweetener that it could even pass for spearmint candy if not for that taste of familiar bubblegum that I last tasted when I reviewed Bubblegum from IVG. 

Price: PKR 2,300 for 60 ml from Elite (use ‘PVC10’ when buying online to get 10% off – PKR 2,070/-)

Caramel Lollipop

IVG Caramel Lollipop

“A classic caramel lollipop from your childhood!”

The second flavor from the IVG Pops line up. Due to the slightly darker color and it being caramel I have no doubt this flavor wont do my coil or wick any favors. Personally, I love caramel, especially in the winters when nothing beats a hot chocolate drink with some caramel added in. Anyway, fetishes aside, the flavor has that familiar candy taste that I got in Rainbow Lollipop so Im guessing that is what IVG calls/considers a lollipop. The caramel is plenty and sweet enough that it works well with the candy/lollipop notes. Though if im being honest, I didnt care much for this caramel flavor maybe because it felt just too sweet for my taste buds.

Price: PKR 2,300 for 60 ml from Elite (use ‘PVC10’ when buying online to get 10% off – PKR 2,070/-)

Kiwi Lemon Kool

IVG Kiwi Lemon Kool

“Fresh kiwi blended with a hint of lemon.”

The last menthol flavor I received from Elite; Kiwi Lemon Kool is a part of the IVG Menthol line. There is no significant taste of either kiwi nor lemon that comes through strongly. In fact its just a somewhat sweet citrus menthol flavor that lies more of on the candy side rather than a pure fruity taste. The only time I felt that the lemon came through a little stronger was when I increased the watts very high (above 5v). The menthol level is perfect btw so no need to worry vaping at high wattages and taking longer inhales. Personally I think blueberry crush and summer blaze were much better menthol flavors than kiwi lemon kool.

Price: PKR 2,300 for 60 ml from Elite (use ‘PVC10’ when buying online to get 10% off – PKR 2,070/-)

Nicotine Ratios

In case some of you are new and dont know what nicotine strength to get just go through the list below and decide. Not every flavor is available in every nicotine strength however and the best way to find out is to ask the vendor. This list will be present in every review from now on regardless of whether or not that flavor comes in the listed strengths. The strengths do not mean MG per bottle but rather MG per ML.

  • None = 0 mg.
  • Very Smooth = 1.5mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Soft = 3mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Light = 6mg is approx equivalent to smoking 10 light cigarettes a day.
  • Medium = 12mg is where MTL territory starts and this strength is best for a half a pack – a pack a day smokers.
  • Strong = 18mg should be used by people who find 12mg too less or who smoked a pack of hard cigarettes a day.
  • Very Strong = 24mg is not usually available in the market but some local blenders might make a custom strength flavor for you on request. Bear in mind this is a very high level of nicotine and usually 18mg does the trick. In case you are wondering, this is best for chain smokers and/or those that smoke a couple of packs a day of hard cigarettes.


I was given these flavors by IVG from Elite for the purposes of this review. The views expressed above are my own and based on my personal experience and knowledge accumulated over the years I have spent vaping. They are to be taken as it is i.e. an opinion and do not represent anything else. As always remember taste is subjective and please practice safe vaping.