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The Juul has seen immense popuarity as a great starter kit for quitting smoking and it stands to reason that competitors would pop up with their devices in an effort to cash in on the Juul’s popularity by either One-Upping the Juul or emulating it. The Myle (My-Lee) is one such device that as been touted as a Juul Killer by many. I was handed the Myle to review by Vape On Hai and have been vaping on it for the past few days to see how it performs overall. Lets start.

Juul cigarette chorney kay liye aik bohut popular pod device kehlai jaati hai jis ki wajah se kaafi companies ne muqabaley mein apni devices launch kari hain market mei competition laanay ke liye. Myle (My-Lee) aisi aik device hai jis ko loug Juul-Killer bhi kehtey hai aur mujhe ye device Vape On Hai ne di hai ke mei review karun aap logon ke liye. Kaafi din se laga taar use karney key baad mei ye review de raha houn. Shuru kartey hain phir. 



Myle starter kit juul

  • 1 x Rechargeable ND Vape device
  • 4 x Pod variety pack
  • 1 x Micro USB charger
  • 1 x User manual


Product Features:

  MYLÉ Vapor 🌬 Vape Device:

  • Color: (Whichever one you buy)
  • 240 mAh Battery
  • Anti-leak technology
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Size (in.) w/pod: 3.93 H x 0.74 W x 0.28 D

Myle starter kit juul

MYLÈ Vapor 🌬 Vape Pods:

  • A pack of four (4) disposable Vape pods
  • Flavors: – Summer Strawberry – Tropical Mango – Mighty Mint – VGOD Cubano
  • Salt Nicotine (SaltNic) Ejuice
  • 0.9mL/pod
  • 5% nicotine by volume
  • 240 puffs/pod (approx.)


  • Be sure to remove the rubber stoppers from the top & bottom of the Pods before inserting into your Device.


The Myle

For ease of reference I am going to address the key aspects of the device in sections.


The device uses what feels like an anodized finish that should mean it will have to go through a lot of abuse for scratches to be apparant. I have the metallic like blue color Myle which goes very nicely with the black colored pods on top. 

Myle kay rung ke liye lagta hai ke anodized finishing istemal ki gai hain jis ki wajah se is ka rung itni asaani se kharab nahi hona chahiye, balkay bohut hi bedardi se istemaal karo gay tau phir shayad halat kharab nazar aana shuru ho jaye ga. Meray paas metallic neela rung ka myle hai jo ke kaaley rung ke pods ke saath bohut achi tarah se match karta hai.

Myle starter kit juul

One side is completely plain except for a product code at the bottom I think while the other side has the Myle logo engraved nicely and below it are a series of vertical led lights. The three smaller ones are used to show battery levels with 3 green lights meaning 100 to 80% and then decreasing until you have 2 lights showing around 45% and 1 light meaning its at the 10% range so you should charge (all according to the manual FYI). The last led lights up with a nice blue color when you are taking an inhale, basically to show you that the auto firing is working. At the bottom is the microusb charge port.

Acha bhai, aik side pe product code ke ilawa kuch nahi likha hai, doosri side pe Myle ka logo engrave howa hai aur us ke neechay char led lights di gai hain. Teen lights green color ki jhalti hain aur batati hai ke battery ka level kitna hai, 3 light matlab 100 se 80% charge hai, 2 light matlab 45% ke aas paas charge rehta hai aur 1 light matlab 10% hai charge kar lo. Aakhri light blue color ki hai aur sirif tab jalti hai jub aap inhale kartey ho, dikhaney ke liye ke auto fire sahi se chal raha hai.

Myle starter kit juul

Lastly to show how slim and sleek the device is, I have it side by side with the Apire Spryte (a very nice mtl pod device) and the new Vaporesso Luxe Mod. Ignore my hand over the top of the luxe as I am hiding a tank that I plan on reviewing soon.

Aakhir mei aik comparison karna munasib hai. Meine Aspire Spryte (zabardast pod device hai) aur Vaporesso ka naya Luxe mod ke saath tasweer li hai dikhane ke liye ke Myle kitni slim aur smart pod device hai.


Myle starter kit juul

So, how does the Myle perform? I am impressed to say the least. Such a small sexy pod device gives out an amazing hit and decent amount of vapor that will leave people staring. The draw is silent and smooth but not very tight with no way to adjust that. The battery life is great considering it is just 240mAh, it lasts me more than a day of on and off vaping but I think it should last around the 2 day mark because the pods are all 50mg salt nic meaning you wont be chain vaping this.

Asal sawal pe aa gaye ke Myle aakhir perform kaisa karta hai. Mujhe bohut maza aaya istemal kar ke Myle ko, seedhi baat hai. Itni patli sexy si device hai aur aisa waisa throat hit deti hai saath mei vapor bhi itna ke mei hairaan aur balkay log dekhtay reh jayeinge. Inhale bohut smooth hai aur koi khaas awaz ke baghair, inhale hai tight magar itna nahi jitna aap siren 2 ke saath ja sakte hai aur adjust karney ka bhi koi option nahi hai. Battery life 240 mAh hai aur mujhe tau 1.5 din tak istemaal kartey hoye koi issue nahi howa. Waisay bhi meray khayal se battery life pe issue nahi hona chahiye kyun ke flavor tau 50mg salt nic hain matlab chain vape koi ajeeb sanki banda hi karey ga.

Myle starter kit juul

Ill also discuss the pods here as well. Very simple to use them, you just take off the colored cap and the silicone stopper then just push it in until you hear a satisfying click. The pods are 0.9ml and can be refilled with a little bit of desi jugaar. Now, I only got 4 pods with the starter kit and I found out there is also a 5th flavor but it is available seperately so I have mentioned it but havent reviewed it.

Yahan pe hum pods ko bhi discuss kar letay. Bohut simple hain us ko use karna, bus cap utar lein phir wo silicone stopper airflow wala aur bus zor se press karein myle mei jab tak click honay ki awaz aye. Pods bohut chotay hain, 0.9 ml flavor hain har pod mei 50mg salt nicotine flavor ka. Pods ko wapis bhara bhi ja sakta hai agar jugaar karney waley baney aap. Khair, mujhe sirf 4 pods alag alag flavor ke milay hain starter kit ke saath aur aik panchwa flavor bhi Lush Ice ke naam ka aata hai jo maine sirf mention kiya hai list mukamal karney ki khatir.

Myle starter kit juulMyle starter kit juul

Tropical Mango: Keep in mind this is a 50mg salt nic flavor with a good throat hit so do not expect the flavor to be balls to the walls juicy mango. There are hints of mango that are a bit sour/tangy and not sweet but will satisfy someone looking for a mango flavor for the Myle. Personally it reminded me of the flavors I vaped in the cigalike back in the day. 

Aap ye zaroor yaad rakhna key ye aik 50mg ka salt nicotine flavor hai matlab galay mei lagey ga tau flavor itna wazay aur zabardast nahi aye ga jaise normal 3mg se 6mg flavors mein aata hai. Khair, mango ka halka halka zaiqa zaroor aata albatta halka khatta hai meetha nahi magar  jis ko halka sa mango type flavor hard hit kay saath peena hai wo ye flavor try karein.

Summer Strawberry: Tastes like real strawberry ground up with a hint of sweetner, thankfully no artificial strawberry notes. The strawberry pod is the best fruit flavor on the myle that I have tried yet.

Bilkul asli strawberry ka zaiqa lagta hai saath mei mamooli se meethas bhi hai.  Phal waley flavors mei ye strawberry wala flavor sab se best hai. 

Mighty Mint: Disregard the flavor title, just consider this to be a menthol flavor. It is a nice cool menthol flavor with mild sweet minty notes. With a 50mg salt nic base it has become an exact replica of the taste of a menthol cigarette. If you love smoking menthols then dont think twice, go ahead and pick up a pack of 4 Mighty Mint pods pronto.

Flavor ka naam ko chorein aur bus ye yaad rakhein ke ye aik menthol flavor hai. If flavor mein menthol ka zaiqa aur taste bilkul aisa aata hai jaisey kay aik menthol cigarette mein bus farak sirf itna hai kay bohut hi halka sa mint ka zaiqa bhi saath mei aata hai mazedar sa. Agar aap menthol cigarette peetay they tau aur kuch much sochay aur aik myle device ke saath might mint ka 4 pods ka packet khareed liye forun.

VGOD Cubano: As someone who quit vaping tobacco around 4.5 years ago, I dont like particularly like vaping tobacco but VGOD Cubano is an absolutely brillint creamy tobacco flavor that will please any tobacco lover. It may put off some hard cigarette smokers as they might find it a little dessert like but since is the only tobacco flavor available in pods so you cant do anything about it.

Aik banda jo tambaku flavors ko 4.5 saal se chor chuka hai, wo agar tambaku flavor ki tareef kare tau flavor zaroor hi acha ho ga na. Ye kahani ha VGOD Cubano ki meray liye. Aik bohut alag tarah ka flavor hai ye, tambaku aur malai ki milawat jo cigar peenay walay ko zaroor pasand aye gi. Cigarette peenay walon ko shayad meethay ki tarah lagey magar chu ke tambaku mein option hi yehi hai tau kuch nahi kara ja sakta. Hain tau bohut acha tau try karna must hai.

Lush Ice is the 5th flavor available for purchase. 

Myle starter kit juul

The pods are refillable by removing the silicone stopper and squeezing juice in but keep in mind that it only has a 0.9 ml capacity so it will fill up fast. For ease I will recommend you watch a youtube video to see how they do it. Lastly I heard the pods are usable only 3 times before the coil and silica wick give out. A google search showed that empty refillable pods are also available for users to fill with their favorite flavor and Vape On Hai has informed me that they will also be stocking them soon.

Myle ke pods ko aap bhar bhi saktey hain us ka silicone stopper nikal ke bus yaad rakhein ke 0.9ml ki hi sif jaga hai pod mein tau jaldi se bhar jaye ga. Apni asaani ke liye youtube pe search mar kar aik video dekh lein. Pods ko sirf suna hai teen baar hi istemaal kar sakte hai wapis bhar bhar ke kyun ke phir coil aur wick bekaar ho jati hai phir. Google pe search kar ke pata chala ke khaali pods bhi miltey hain jis mein aap apni marzi ka flavor bhar saktey hai, Vape On Hai ne mujhe bataya hai ke wo jald le ke aa rahe hain bus thora intezaar karna ho ga. 




  • Very easy to use (Use karna bohut asaan hai)
  • Slim, smart and great build quality (slim aur smart device hai jis ki finishing zabardast ki hai)
  • Color choices (Mukhtlif rung ki devices aati hain)
  • Pods are refillable plus empty refillable pods are also available (Pods wapis bhar saktey hai aur khaali waley pods ka bhi option hai)
  • 50mg salt nics give a good throat hit and fast nic satisfaction (50mg ke salt nic flavors se acha hit milta hai aur jaldi sakoon bhi)
  • Auto fire is very responsive (Auto fire bohut zabardast respond karta hai)
  • Cheaper than the Juul (Juul se sasta hai)


  • No option for 25mg or 30mg salt nic pods (Alag alag nic salt ki strength ke option bhi honay chahiye the)
  • Capacity could be a bit higher (pods mei juice meray khayal se kum hai. Thora aur hona chahiye tha.)
  • Pods are expensive. 2500rs for only 3.6mls in total! I would rather buy empty pods and a 30ml salt nic and just reuse the pods. I am not blaming Vape On Hai but Myle directly for this. (Pods ki price kum honi chahiye thi. 2500 rupay mei aap ko sirf 3.6ml milta hai jis se behtar khaali pods le kar aik 30ml salt nic ki bottle se baar baar bhar ki use kara ja sajta hai. Ye issue mujhe Vape On Hai se nahi magar Myle walon se direct hai.)

Click on the vendor name to be redirected to the product pages.

PKR 6,500/- for the Starter Kit from Vape On Hai

PKR 4,500/- for the basic kit from Vape On Hai

(In my opinion the people at Myle should have put in at least one flavor pod with the basic kit.)

PKR 2,500/- for a pack of 4 flavor pods from Vape On Hai


Conclusion on the Myle Starter Kit

Should you buy the Myle pod? Well, if you want a slim sleek device to get your nic dose at work or any place where you dont want to vape openly then the myle is for you. Also the myle is a great option for smokers looking to quit, I would call it a great gift to give it to any smoker you know as it is so easy to use that they will definitely end up trying it and maybe even quitting smoking. If you have been vaping for ages like I have then this might not appeal to you as being able to change up flavors easily or having a higher capacity of juice to carry around in your device will probably one of the deciding factors in which case you might gravitate towards higher capacity pod devices by other manufacturers. Why buy this at all you say? Granted there are other higher capacity pod systems out there, some even stylish but in the end it boils down to simplicity, an established form factor desirability and lastly the myle and juul devices are the iphones of the vaping world. There are better alternatives that have more features but you still want the iphone.

Myle aik bohut slim aur smart pod device hai jo un hazarat ke liye behtareen hai jo kaam pe ya koi bhi jaga pe (jahan khul ke vape nahi kar saktey) vape karna chahtey hain. Myle cigarette peenay waley hazarat ke liye bohut acha option hai kyun ke bohut simple hai istemaal karney mein, meray khayal se ye behtareen tofa bhi ban jaye ga kisi smoker ko denay ke liye. Agar aap puranay paapi hain (lol) tau shayad myle aap ko pasand na aye kyun ke aap shayad zada juice wala tank ya zada flavors ka option pasand kartey hain. Agar ye baat hai tau aap ke liye wo doosray manufacturers ki pod devices best rahey gi jo ye sab offer karti hain. Agar sawal kuch aisa hai aap ka ke phir aakhir myle ya juul kyun lein? Direct wo doosri pod devices le na lein? Bhaiyon asal baat ye hai ke myle bohut simple hai istemaal karney mei aur lagti bhi bohut slim aur smart hai aur ooper se jin loug ka shouk bun chuka hai ke aisi juul wali design ki device leni hi hai tau kuch nahi kara ja sakta un ka. Myle or Juul meray hisaab se vaping ki dunya ka iphone hai. Kaam acha karta hai magar aur bohut achi price ke android devices hain market mein jo zada achay features wali hain. Aakhir iphone waley ko iphone hi acha lagta hai chahey jo bhi ho. 

“I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion/review for the Myle Starter Kit. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping.” 


  1. hi

    i just came across you review which was very detailed and informative to say the least. I have been smoking cigarettes for over 10 years now and being a doctor it doesnt bode well with my patients and family that i still continue to smoke lol…that being said i recently got the smok infinix lasted me about 2 weeks and the died.. those two weeks i was completely off ciggarets and now i cant find the device anywhere so my question is the my device really better then the infinix and how long does a pod last plus you mention desi jugarh of refilling the pods which is the primary reason i bought the infinix as the pods of juul were way to expensive like how many times can you refill the pods before they are completely burnt out

    1. Hello, very happy to know you appreciated the review. I do concur that a doctor that vapes is better than one who smokes 🙂
      As for your questions:
      Yes the myle is better than the infinix. The draw is tighter, it’s more responsive, looks better but you can’t rebuild the pods unfortunately. The pods can be refilled with jugarh and they last 3 refills depending on how dark your flavor is (dark sweet flavors always shorten coil life compared to clear ones).
      Vapeonhai has informed me that they will be stocking refillable pods soon so getting those should be cheaper as you can then refill them with a 30ml salt nicotine flavor bought separately.

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