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Juul vs Myle vs Naked Pod Devices

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I am often asked which pod device I prefer or which device is best in the juul-like-pod category. Well, until now I had only tried the Myle but recently Artisan Vapor Pakistan sent over the Juul and Naked 100 pod devices, both of which I have been using exclusively the past few days. The Naked 100 device was in the form of a starter kit so it had 4 flavor pods from the naked 100 own line of flavors, the Juul device was in the form of a basic kit which is just the device and its charger but Artisan Pakistan also sent few packets of SKOL flavor pods which are compatible with the Juul device (Those will be discussed in its own seperate review later). So, now with all 3 devices in hand lets get down to it! 

Mujh se log aksar poochtay hain ke konsi pod device mujhe sab se zyada pasand hai magar chun ke myle ke ilawa koi pod istemal hi nahi kara tau jawab kya doun. Kuch arsay pehle Artisan Vapor Pakistan ne mujhe Juul ki basic kit (us ke saath SKOL ke kuch flavor pods) aur Naked 100 ki starter kit (jis ke saath naked 100 ke apnay 4 flavor pods mojood hain) bheji meray review ke liye. Ab juul aur naked 100 devices ko kuch din istemal kar ke ye review tayaar kar liya ap logon ke liye tau please shuro ho jaye.


Juul Pod Device


juul myle naked pod system juul myle naked pod system juul myle naked pod system

Package Contains:
  • 1 x Juul Pod Device
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x User guide
Appearance & Performance

A very no frills packaging for the Juul here but that is to be expected for the basic kit. The only reason I received the Juul basic kit was to test out the Skol flavor pods that are compatible with the juul and cheaper than the juul pods. Before we turn to that I just want to discuss the juul device for a minute here. Honestly, unless you are very anal about dimensions and form factor of devices, you might not even notice much of a difference since all three devices are very similar. The three things that stood out the most for me were the proprietory charging method, the tap to display battery life and the decreased width. 

Juul ki packaging koi khaas nahi hai magar chun ke basic kit hai meray pass tau dar guzar kar sakta houn is baat ko mai. Waisay bhi mujhe juul ki basic kit is liye bheji thi ke main Skol ke pods ke saath check kar ke review karun jo ke doosray review mei ho ga. Seedhi baat hai ke koi khaas farq nahi dikhay ga aap ko juul, myle or naked 100 ki devices mein magar ghor karein tau theen cheezain samnay aati hai. Wo hain Juul ki charging method, us ka battery check karnay ka tareeqa aur chaurahi mei kami. 

First the charging issue, this is a big pet peeve for me and it makes no sense why juul would make a device that can only be charged via their charger instead of going the common microusb route. If you forget the charger when you are out and about then your only choice would be to head home to charge the device using the juul charger. Additionally if you lose the charger then good luck finding a replacement locally that easily, the only one I found was a PKR 1,500/- replacement charger compatible with juul at Elite Pakistan’s online store. Now compare that with other devices where literally ANY microusb will do the job! Secondly the battery display, I find it a little gimicky that you have to double tap lightly on the juul to have the display light up and tell you how much battery is left. Compare that to the other two devices where the leds conveniently light up and indicate the remaining battery on each inhale. Anyway, the last difference I noticed is that the juul was the slimmest of the three devices we are discussing here and that may or may not be a good thing for you depending on your preferences. 

Charging ko agar dekhain tau ajeeb si baat hai ke juul ne microusb charging ke bajaey apna hi koi system de diya usb magnetic usb wala. Agar wo usb charger saath le ke jaana bhool gaye tau phir lag jaenge lassan jab battery jawab de di gi. Sab choro, agar ghuma di tau phir locally doosra charger dhund dhund ke pagal ho jao ge, mujhe tau sirf aik replacement charger Elite ke online store mei mila 1500rs ka. Is ke muqable mei baki devices ko dekho jin ke saath KOI bhi microusb wire use kar saktey ho. Doosri baat jo ajeeb si lagi, ye tap karne pe battery ka level dikhana ka system bus shashka hai, is se bohut behtar system myle or naked 100 ki devices mei hai jin ki lightay jal jati hai har kush lenay par. Aakhir mei ye kahunga ke teeno devices mei juul sab se patli device hai, ye achi baat hai ya nahi, aap ki pasand pe depend karta hai.

As for the Skol Pods, I will make a seperate review for them as soon as I am done vaping each flavor. 

Skol pods ka flavor review alag review mei ho ga.

Artisan Vapor stocks the Juul basic kit for approx PKR 6,300/- and

the Skol replacement pods cost PKR 2,000/- for a pack of 4.

Myle Pod Device

We reviewed the Myle pretty intensively in a previous review so no need to revisit it here.

Myle ka review pehle kar chuka houn mei aur us review ka link pe click kar ke parh saktay hain aap.

Click here for the review.

Naked 100 Pod Device


Package Contains:
  • 1 x Naked 100 Pod Device 250mAh
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x 1.1ml pod of 35mg Salt Nic Amazing Mango by Naked 100
  • 1 x 1.1ml pod of 35mg Salt Nic Very Cool by Naked 100
  • 1 x 1.1ml pod of 35mg Salt Nic Really Berry by Naked 100 
  • 1 x 1.1ml pod of 35mg Salt Nic American Patriots by Naked 100
Appearance & Performance

As far as packaging goes, Naked 100 takes the cake with the best one ive seen out of the three. I mean look at the packaging for the Juul and Myle and compare it with the Naked pod packaging, you could be forgiven for thinking that the naked pod system should cost more than the myle and juul based on that alone. Aside from that I really love the neatly etched logo right at the bottom along with the 04 led lights. Naked 100’s approach to the lighting system is that when you take an inhale, all 04 leds light up until you finish your draw then the leds stay lit up according to the batter level remaining i.e. 4 leds = full and 1 led = charge needed.

Jahan tak packaging ki baat hai tau naked 100 baazi jeet gaya. Balkay aap shayad ghalat fehmi mei ye bhi samajh saktay hain ke naked 100 system juul aur myle se zyada mehngi hai. Us ki ilawa mujhe device ka design bohut acha laga juul ke muqabley mein. Naked 100 k logo neeche etch howa hai aur saath mei 4 led light bhi hain. Ye chaar led light jhal jaati hain kush lenay par aur phir utni hi on rehti hai jitni battery bachi ho. Agar 4 led on ho tau battery taqreeban full hai aur agar sirf 1 tau charge ki zaroorat hai.

The draw is responsive enough to pass my personal test but I feel it isnt close to the level the Myle has acheived. That said the Naked 100 pod system has two areas of superiority over the other two devices. 1. It is much more affordable cost wise and 2. It offers over 25 flavor pods all based on its own Naked 100 line which should interest fans of popular naked flavors but ofcourse that depends on whether the retailers start stocking all the flavors locally as last I checked they only had 3 flavors in stock. Anyway, 4 flavor pods are included in the starter kit and the reason I am not reviewing them here is because they are all based on the naked 100 freebase flavors which have been in the market for years now so you probably have tried them all.

Is ka autofire itna taiz hai ke mei pass kar sakta houn device ko magar myle jaisa level nahi hai. Naked 100 ki device ke pass 2 area hain ja pe ye agay nikal jata hai baaki dono devices se. Aik tau naked 100 teeno mei sab se sasti device hai aur doosra wo apnay naked 100 ke 25 flavor pods ke option ke saath istemaal ki ja sakti hai. Khair ye baat tau depend karti hai ke agar local shops sab 25 flavor ke pods stock karna shuro kar de kyun ke abhi tak tau meine sirf 3 flavor pods available dekhain hain. Khair, 4 flavor pods aatay hai starter kit ke saath aur review nahi karney ka koi faida nahi hai kyun ke woh ye sab naked 100 ke freebase waley flavors ka salt nic version hai aur takreeban sab ne try kiye hoye hain. 

That said, I was looking into whether I can refill the pods which suprisingly are the largest of the three at 1.1ml (0.9ml Myle and 0.7ml Juul) but I could not find any info on the internet and since none of the pods I had were empty I didnt try prying open any of them. The pods come at 35mg nicotine salt strength which is surprising as the standard adopted for such systems is 50mg to give you a proper throat hit and fast absorption so you need fewer puffs resulting in a longer pod depletion time. For those used to 50mg or hardcore smokers looking to make the switch via the naked pod, there is a high chance you might go through pods faster than say the myle or juul. The naked 100 pod system thankfully followed the standard approach to charging and gave us a microusb slot at the base of the device which can be charge via their stylish usb included in the package. 

Meine ye bhi check karney ka socha tha ke ye pods ko juggar se bhara ja sakta hai ya nahi chun ke ye size mei sab se barray pods hain 1.1ml ke (myle ke 0.9ml hain aur juul ke 0.7ml hain) magar phir nahi koshish kari kyun ke na koi pod kahli howa tha meray say aur na hi koi info internet pe mili thi ke ye juggar ho bhi sakta hai. Flavor 35mg salt nic ke hain jo ke bohut ajeeb baat hai jab sab aisi devices ne 50mg ko aik standard bana liya hai pehle se hi chun ke 50mg aik sahi throat hit aur taiz absorption deti hai jis se flavor itni jaldi khatam nahi hota. Agar koi smoker jo switch karna cha raha hai ya koi vaper jo 50mg ka aadhi hai, naked 100 ko try karey tau pods 1.1ml honay ke bawajood itna nahi chaleynge jitna myle ya juul ke chaltay hain. Charging ke mamlay mei shukar hai ke naked 100 ne myle ki tarah microusb ko apnaya hai aur saath mei aik bohut hi stylish usb bhi di hai.

The Naked 100 Pod System can be purchased from Artisan Vapor Pakistan:

Starter Kit for PKR 5,000/-

Basic Kit for PKR 3,500/-

Pods for PKR 650 to 2,600/-



Comparitive Pros and Cons

juul myle naked pod system juul myle naked pod system juul myle naked pod system juul myle naked pod system






Variety of 3rd party pods available.

Slimmest device of the three.

Skol Columbian Coffee is a briliant flavor 🙂


Costs a lot locally.

No verification method to check authenticity (google fake juuls).

Proprietary Charging system.


Most responsive autofire of the three.

Official pods are not as expensive or hard to find locally.

Beautiful color options.

Empty pods are available to fill with your own preferred flavor.


Only 5 flavors to choose from.



All popular Naked 100 flavors available for the system.

Looks and feels better than the Juul.




Autofire is not that great.

Full variety of flavor pods arent available locally.

“I will do my best to give my most unbiased opinion/review for the Juul, Myle, Naked 100 pod systems. As always, read the warning signs on the labels, keep liquids away from children and practice safe vaping.”