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Enter the Skol Pods which are compatible with the Juul and Skol pod devices alone. They cost less than the official juul pods but work almost just as well. Why almost? Well the firing is not as responsive and sometimes they leak a drop or two but if you can ignore those issues in favor of the lower price point and variety of flavor options then the Skol pods will surprise you. Read on below.

Skol flavor pods market mei naya item aya hai Artisan Pakistan ki taraf se Juul users ke liye kyun ke ye pods sirf aur sirf Juul aur Skol pod devices ke saath istemal ho sakta hai. Skol flavor pods ka kharcha juul pods se kuch kum hai aur utna hi takreeban acha kaam kartay hain. Takreeban kyun? Is liye kyun ke firing itni responsive nahi hai aur kabhi kuch pods pe maine leaking dekhi hai magar agar ye maslay aap dar guzar kar dein tau skol pods aik bohut acha option ho sakta hai aap ke liye.

(These images show the leak I encountered on some pods, not all.)

Juul Skol Pods


Columbian Coffee

Skol pods juul

I would think a major complaint for users of juul style pods would be the fact that they dont have any decent coffee flavor available. I know the Myle and Naked pod systems dont and Juul doesnt have any official coffee flavors available here too. The columbian coffee pods are one of the BEST coffee flavors ive had in salt nic form. It is delightfully accurate roasted coffee with a hint of sweetner. Any coffee lover worth his coffee beans will continously buy columbian coffee pods just for that brilliant coffee flavored nic hit..

Meray khayal se juul walon ke liye ye baat zaroor khatakti ho gi ke koi bhi coffee ka flavor nahi hai peenay ke liye. Balkay ja tak mujhe yaad hai tau koi bhi juul style pod device jaise myle ya naked devices kisi mei bhi coffee flavor nahi milta. Khush ho jaye juul aur skol pod users kyun ke columbian coffee sab se umda aur zaiqedar coffee flavor hai jo salt nic mei mujhe peenay ka mauqa mila hai. Waqae mei sahi roasted coffee halki sa sweetner ke saath ka zaqia aata hai. Agar aap coffee lover/fanatic hain tau ye coffee flavor aap miss nahi kar saktay chun ke bohut bohut lazeez hai.  



Skol pods juul

Tobacco purist lovers will be upset on learning that this is not a pure bitter tobacco flavor. It is more on the creamy and very slightly sweet side while still producing a vaguely biscuit like flavor. Yes, I kid you not. If this is skol tobacco then I can vape it all day cause it tastes like a nice mellow dessert. Definitely wont impress vapers who love the hard hitting juul, myle and naked tobacco flavor pods so keep that in mind.

Tambaku flavors ke shoukeen shayad is baat pe afsoos karein ge ke ye aik pure karwa tobacco flavor nahi hai. Mujhe tau saaf si baat hai aik meetha creamy flavor halka sa biscuit jaise zaiqay ke saath aya tha. Mazak ke ilawa, agar ye skol ke hisaab se tambaku flavor hai tau mei tau pooray din pee sakta houn kyun ke ye tau dessert ki tarah taste karta hai. Ye flavor juul, myle aur naked ke tobacco flavor pasand karnay walay logon ko pasand nahi ayega magar agar chance milay chakhney ka tau chakh lena khareednay se pehle.



Now this is a week mango flavor that fails to stand up to the competition. The juul and myle mango flavors far out perform it in every aspect. Skol mango can be considered a watered down flavor using mango essence instead of mango flavoring.

Bohut hi kamzor aam ka flavor hai ye aur baaki salt nic pod flavors ka muqabal bilkul nahi kar sakta hai. Juul aur Myle ke aam flavors Skol mango ko har taraf se maar detay hai accuracy aur taakat mei. Skol mango aisa lagta hai jaise mango essence se banaya gaya hai bajae ke mango flavoring.

Pink Lemonade

skol pod juul

This is exactly like lush ice. Maybe a tad less menthol but otherwise oddly it delivers a taste almost identical to lush ice by vgod despite the name and claimed flavor profile.

Agar aap logon ne myle ka lush ice flavor istemal kiya hai tau is ka zaiqa takreeban waisay hi hai. Khair wo myle ka tau nahi magar vgod ka lush ice hai halan ke naam aur profle kuch aur hai. Hai acha flavor aur zaroor try karna chahiye.

Strawberry Lemonade

skol pod juul


Don’t expect an amazing strawberry lemonade taste. It gives you hints of what could have been but the 50mg strength that can over power the finer notes. Honestly I’ll say that it tastes like a slightly sweeter tangier but better version of pink lemonade.

Koi khaas strawberry limopani ka zaiqa ki umeed nahi rakhna. Ye flavor isharay deta hai ke kya ho sakta tha kyun ke 50mg ki taakat ne bareeq flavor notes ko overpower kar diya hai. Agar ghor karein tau aap notice karein ge ke ye tau aik halka sa tangy khatta pink lemonade ka version lagta hai halla ke strawberry ke halka zaiqa aata hai.  

Double Apple

skol pod juul

It has pictures of green apples on the packaging but promises that double apple flavor. Unfortunately it doesn’t come close to that juicy apple flavor. Faint notes of unsweetened Apple with a slight feel of sourness are what you will get. Still, considering this is the only apple flavor on the juul it’s better than nothing for Apple flavor fans.

Mazay ki baat hai ke tasveer harray saib ki lagi hoyi hai magar naam wo sheeha walay double apple ka hai. Afsoos ke saath ye flavor kareeb bhi nahi aata ras se bharay hoye saib ke. Kamzor notes pheekay saib ka halkay si khattas ke saath ki umeed rakh saktay hei aap. Khair, chun ke yehi flavor aap ko juul aur skol devices mei saib ka mil raha hai tau yehi behtar hai kuch nahi se.

Cool Mint

skol pod juul

Now this is a proper menthol flavor. In fact I would say it’s the most potent and pure menthol flavor I’ve vaped on a pod device. That said, it’s all I have to say on this flavor. Get it if you want a refreshing menthol vape on your juul.

Wah! Ye hai waqaye mei aik umda mazedaar menthol flavor. Balkay meray khayal se ye in jaisi pod devices mei sab se zada behtareen menthol flavor hai jo aap log pe saktay hain. Is se zyada mei aur kya bolon? Agar pure menthol flavor pasand hai tau zaroor ye flavor khareeday.


The Skol pods can be bought from Artisan Vapor Pakistan outlets or online here.

They Cost PKR. 1,800/- for a pack of 4 pods or PKR. 450/- for just 1 pod.   

Nicotine Ratios

In case some of you are new and dont know what nicotine strength to get just go through the list below and decide. Not every flavor is available in every nicotine strength however and the best way to find out is to ask the vendor. This list will be present in every review from now on regardless of whether or not that flavor comes in the listed strengths. The strengths do not mean MG per bottle but rather MG per ML.

  • Light to Medium = 20mg to 35mg. This strength is best for a half a pack – a pack a day smokers.
  • Strong = 50mg. This is best for those who smoked a pack or more of hard cigarettes a day.


I was given the Skol (Juul compatible) pods by Artisan Vapor Pakistan for the purposes of this review. The views expressed above are my own and based on my personal experience and knowledge accumulated over the years I have spent vaping. They are to be taken as it is i.e. an opinion and do not represent anything else. As always remember taste is subjective and please practice safe vaping.