Fresh Farm eliquid

The Fresh Farm line

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Im always glad when vendors here take risks and introduce new flavor lines. Maybe because Ive been vaping long enough to remember the months where if we wanted to try something new we had to make international orders and pray for it to arrive untaxed and all. Karachi Vapers recently sent me the Fresh Farm eliquid line up to review and because of the Eid holidays in between and some other stuff afterwards, I couldn’t get to it until just now. Anyway, read on below.

Mujhe bohut khushi hoti hai jab vendors risk le kar naye flavors release kartay hain locally. Shayad is liye kyun ke maine woh zamana bhi dekha hai yahan par jab koi naya flavor try karney ki khatir hamey bahar se mangwana parta tha jis mei risk hota tha duty taxes bhi lag jaye. Khair, Karachi Vapers ne 4 naye flavor launch karey hai Fresh Farm eliquid line ke aur chaaro ke chaaro bhejey they review karney ke liye. Eid aur koi aur wajohat ne is review ko aaj ke din tak delay kar diya tau maazrat aap sab log ko.

Testing setups

*3 mg flavors*

RDAs with a single and dual coils.

All setups use Rayon as I find that gives a cleaner taste with a short break in time.

Coils are fused clapton coils because with the high powered subohm tanks and easy availability of fancy built coils it makes no sense for me to test flavors on 24 to 26g ni80 as well as fused claptons. 


Morning Melon – Watermelon & Honeydew

Fresh Farm eliquid

“Morning Melon is the perfect blend of Honey Dew, Watermelon, and Cantaloupe flavors, coupled with a hint of sweet minty goodness that is sure to leave you refreshed, like that first barefoot step into dew-covered grass. Light but flavorful, Morning Melon is a lock for your next “all-day vape”. Taste the love.”

60ml for PKR 2,350/- from Karachi Vapers

I’ve never liked vaping watermelon except for two flavors I.e. thug juice and super watermelon. Hence, I wasnt looking forward to vaping this flavor very much but it had honeydew which I just love so I relented. There is some initial harshness that bothered me but thankfully it goes away after a few drags, could just be the fresh build but I notice it on the first puff whenever I vape it after some time. The flavor is sweet but not as much as a dessert flavor but more so than what I usually consider standard for a fruit based flavor. Watermelon is very noticeable even though the honeydew is strong enough to mask most notes. It’s a great mix that compliments each fruit by giving watermelon emphasis on the inhale and honeydew on the exhale. Wait, what about the cantaloupe? Well the addition of that was probably to enhance the melon flavor and taper down the strong honeydew notes which it did but it wasnt noticeable at all taste wise. That said, I doubt honeydew haters will like this flavor so take note.

Mujhe kabhi bhi tarbooz waley flavors vape karney mei maza nahi aya, balkey ab tak sirf do aise flavors hain jo mujhe pasand hai (Super Watermelon aur Thug Juice) warna baki sab fail hai meray liye. Ye flavor bhi sirf honeydew ki wajah se meine pehle try karney ka socha kyun ke woh mujhe bohut pasand hai. Afsoos ke saath flavor mei harshness hai jo ke fresh build pe zada mehsoos hoti hai phir thori si kum ho jati hai. Flavor meetha hai aik fruit flavor honay ki natay magar dessert flavor ke level pe nahi. Tarbooz ka zaiqa mehsoos hota hai hatta ke honeydew ka zaiqa itna taiz hota hai ke baki sab notes pe haavi ho jata hai. Hai aik bohut acha mix in dono flavors ka kyun ke aik doosray ko wo support detay hai, tarbooz aata hai inhale pe aur honeydew exhale pe. Sada kharbooza ka koi zaiqa mujhe kahi nahi mehsoos hoya magar meray khayal se is flavoring ka kaam tha honeydew ki taaqat ko kum karna aur kharboozay ke zaiqay ko thora sa bolundh karn. Honeydew jin ko pasand nahi hai wo is flavor ko nahi khareeday magar baki sab ke liye koi issue nahi.  


Strawberry Farmcake – Strawberry Buttercake

Fresh Farm eliquid

“Ripe strawberries, a flaky-golden crust that’s lighter than air, and Grandma’s secret touch creates enough flavor to please the most discerning palate – Unwind with our Strawberry Farm Cake.”

60ml for PKR 2,350/- from Karachi Vapers

I would sum this flavor up with the following words “a decent mellow dessert flavor where the flaky crust is the highlight while the ripe strawberries ultimately fail to make an impact.” The flavor is somewhat sweet and thankfully smooth but I hate that they used the word ripe strawberries when the flavor felt like it contained background notes of weak strawberry. The crust is present in all its glory and tastes great but it is let down by the strawberry’s lack of emphasis and weak level of sweetness all of which would have taken this flavor to another level instead of tasting like a sugar free dessert for diabetic patients.

Chand alfhaz mei agar aap ko batoon tau ye flavor “aik ok halka meetha flavor hai jahan crust ki karkardagi behtareen hai magar strawberries kuch khaas karwayi nahi kar saki”. Hai flavor mei kuch meethas aur smooth bhi hai magar tap charti hai fresh farm wlon pe ke awein ripe strawberries keh diya hai is mein jab ke lagta hai background mei pheeka strawberry ka zaiqa hai bus. Crust ki koi complain nahi hai mujhe, behtareen zaiqa hai us ka magar strawberry ki kamzor karkardagi aur halki meethas ki wajah se crust bhi flavor ko behtar nahi kar sakta. Agar strawberry ka flavor thora sa taiz aur meetha hota tau ye flavor shayad next level mazedaar ho sakta tha.

Barnyard Berry- Mixed Berries & Sugar

Fresh Farm eliquid

“We took our delicious strawberry and raspberry flavors, and married them to the blackberry. A subtle lemon exhale ensures a clean taste every time.

60ml for PKR 2,350/- from Karachi Vapers

Why is the stock image showing blueberries which the flavor description is silent about? Anywho, I’m here to save you the trouble your imagination might have you end up in by imagining what this flavor might taste like. If you have vaped many mixed berry flavors before then know that this does not taste like them. What you get is strong overemphasised notes of lemon and raspberry with ample sweenter. While this is a decent flavor, i feel i must inform you that anyone who hates raspberry or lemon or even very sweet flavors should give this a pass. The sweetness makes it seem less like a fruit flavor and more like a dessert/candy flavor. Buy it if you like desserts and/or candies based on fruits, dont buy it if you love fruits and vape pure fruit/fruit menthol based blends.

Ajeeb baat hai ke fresh farm ki apni tasveer mein blueberries hain magar flavor description mei koi zikar hi nahi hai. Khair mei aap log ko ap ke khayalon se bachaney aaya houn, wo kaisay? Bhai, mixed berries ko likha dekh kar aap ye samjhain ke ye baki mixed berry waley flavors ki tarah taste karey ga aur peenay ke baad kuch aur hoye jo aap ko pasand na aye tau phir tau lol ho jaye ga na. Jaise ke barnyard berry jis mei limo aur raspberry kaafi strong aur meethay notes hai. Flavor hai acha magar limo aur raspberry jin ko pasand hai un hi ke liye sirf, zada meetha bhi agar aap ko pasand nahi hai tau na khareedna ye flavor. Meethas ki wajah se fruit flavor kum aur candy flavor zada lagta hai tau ye bhi samajh ke nahi lena ke aik pure fruit flavor ka experience miley ga. 

Sour Chew – Mixed Apple and Grape

Fresh Farm eliquid

“A delicious blend of sour apple and grape that will make your taste buds tingle with excitement! Our unique mix of sour and sweet creates a tantalizing, candy-like experience that you won’t be able to put down.” 

60ml for PKR 2,350/- from Karachi Vapers

One of the better sour type flavors I have vaped. Some companies think the term should be applied literally for the flavor whereas it is more alluding to the flavor being tangy, mildly sour and tart. Sour chew is like a sugar coated grape candy with green apple sourness rounding off the experience. That’s basically all there is to it, the sweetness is not as high as with barnyard berry thankfully and what level there is is much needed to counter the strength of the sourness. Some mild to light harshness that actually compliments the experience. Stay away if you hate candy or sour flavors otherwise go for it.

Khattay flavors mei se ye one of the best hai. Kaafi companies ko lagta hai ke kyun ke flavor ko naam khatta diya hai tau tight level ki khattas daal do us mei hatta ke meray hisaab se khatta/sour kehnay ka matlab ye hota hai kay halki khattas kino jaisi bajae limo jaisi. Sour chew aisa lagta hai ke aik angoor ki candy hai jis mei khattas harray saib se aa rahi hai aur poori candy ko cheeni say coat kar diya hai. Barnyard berry jitni meethas nahi hai shukar hai, jitni hai wo kaam aati hai khattas ki taaqat kum karney mei. Thori si harshness hai jo ke flavor ko suit karti hai hairat se. Zahir si baat hai ke agar aap ko candy ya meethay flavor napasand hai tau nahi khareedain.  

Nicotine Ratios

In case some of you are new and dont know what nicotine strength to get just go through the list below and decide. Not every flavor is available in every nicotine strength however and the best way to find out is to ask the vendor. This list will be present in every review from now on regardless of whether or not that flavor comes in the listed strengths. The strengths do not mean MG per bottle but rather MG per ML.

  • None = 0 mg.
  • Very Smooth = 1.5mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Soft = 3mg (Direct lung vaping/Subohming territory).
  • Light = 6mg is approx equivalent to smoking 10 light cigarettes a day.
  • Medium = 12mg is where MTL territory starts and this strength is best for a half a pack – a pack a day smokers.
  • Strong = 18mg should be used by people who find 12mg too less or who smoked a pack of hard cigarettes a day.
  • Very Strong = 24mg is not usually available in the market but some local blenders might make a custom strength flavor for you on request. Bear in mind this is a very high level of nicotine and usually 18mg does the trick. In case you are wondering, this is best for chain smokers and/or those that smoke a couple of packs a day of hard cigarettes.


I was given the Fresh Farm line by Karachi Vapers for the purposes of this review. The views expressed above are my own and based on my personal experience and knowledge accumulated over the years I have spent vaping. They are to be taken as it is i.e. an opinion and do not represent anything else. As always remember taste is subjective and please practice safe vaping.